Spotlight on the Anatole Dallas

Our travel spotlight shines on Dallas, Texas, a city very familiar to Susan Shaw, not only because it is in her home state of Texas, but also because it houses one of the larger wholesale trade markets where her jewelry is shown to retail buyers. Dallas has so much to offer a cultured traveler, but the focus of our blog today is the Hilton Anatole hotel, a standout property of the Dallas Design District as well as a place to find our jewelry. When it comes to the old saying “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” the Anatole, one of the largest hotels in the southern United States, is no exception.
specialoffersimage_1440x768The hotel was developed by Trammel Crow, one of America’s largest real estate developers, in the late 1970s as part of his major development, the Dallas Market Center (where we show our jewelry!) He named the hotel Anatole after his favorite restaurant in Copenhagen.

The Lobby of the Anatole

One of the things that sets this hotel apart is the extensive art collection. It houses over 1,000 pieces including wall tapestries, sculptures and jade from the Crow family’s Asian art collection. It is one of the largest private collections of art and antiques ever assembled for an American hotel.




Margaret and Trammel Crow became avid collectors of Asian art starting in the 1960s. They traveled the world, but were always fascinated with Asian culture. Over the years, the collection grew to include 4,000 pieces from China, Japan, India, Korea, and Southeastern Asia. In 1998, they opened the Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art as a free museum in the Dallas Arts District. This museum is one of only a few museums in the country dedicated to only Asian art and is considered “a jewel” of the Dallas Arts District.

28852vIn addition to the extensive collection of Asian art, the Anatole is also home to some interesting historical pieces. A couple of highlights include 2 pieces of the Berlin Wall as well as a giant propeller from a British Ocean liner which sank off the coast of Ireland during World War I. This 45 acre property hosts art tours around the ground for those interested. It is as much a museum as it is a hotel!


14095986_10157432718850374_2888694725794634414_nIn 2010, Artist Rueben Margolin was commissioned to create a kinetic sculpture for one of the hotel’s atriums. The result, Nebula, is a 100 ft. moving sculpture made from over 14,000 bicycle reflectors. The movement of the Nebula is the result of one electric motor fanning out to 10 miles of aircraft cable and 1780 pulleys. We highly recommend seeing this shimmering wonder in person.


New to the hotel is the 3-acre JadeWaters water park, a $20 million addition complete with lazy river, splash pad, private cabanas and a swim-up bar. Both the water park and green spaces were designed with Asian influences, like Japanese and Chinese-style bridges and event lawns shaped like Japanese tea gardens.hh_jaderiver01_2_675x359_fittoboxsmalldimension_center
14206029_10157463111745374_2913508853436151609_oOK so where does our jewelry fit in? It can be found inside the Anatole’s upscale boutique, the Mshop, named for the late Margaret Crow, who first opened this store to share her exquisite taste and discerning eye with hotel guests. Below are some of our pieces that can be found in their shop.



Of course it seemed fitting to photograph these pieces with some of Susan’s personal Asian art.



We recommend visiting Dallas for so many reasons, but the restaurants, the people, and the art are among the top draws to the city. It is a city which celebrates culture in a BIG way- and the Anatole is no exception.


Susan Shaw Jewelry


Shades of White

The use of white and natural color palettes has been on the top of the trend list for years now. Interior design, one of our favorite places to look for inspiration, is a perfect example of how neutrals can really shine. Susan Shaw uses white and natural tones frequently in our gold jewelry. Be it pearls, white turquoise, or white druzy quartz, the light tones are chic in their simplicity. This jewelry can bring a subtle elegance to your monochromatic look or pair well with the bold color or pattern you are wearing.whites4We get so many questions about our White Turquoise stones (pictured in the jewelry below). Genuine Turquoise gets its color from iron or copper with varying degrees of vibrancy. In the outer edges of the Turquoise mine, the stone is found with almost no color. In the past, this Turquoise without color was thrown out or dyed to match. Recently, however, there has been a demand on this “White Turquoise” in it’s natural form- a beautiful white stone with brown veins running through it. We find it to be a truly unique look.img_4440The mix of whites and natural tones is not only prevalent in jewelry, but is increasingly popular in interior design. This color palette can be successful for many different reasons. White tones can be as bold as rich colors! See how the stark white chairs catch your eye against the natural fiber rugs in the seating area below?all-white-living-room-with-seagrass-rug-beautiful-coastal-all-white-living-room-with-seagrass-rug-allwhitelivingroom-seagrassrug-j-k-kling-associates-interior-designMany designers love to use white in the kitchen for a crisp clean look. These glass cabinets set on windows are fabulous! They allow in more natural light to play off the white tones in the kitchen, giving the space an energizing feel.101507083-jpg-rendition-largestLayering multiple neutral colors with white creates a look that is soft and elegant. But what makes white really shine? Light. There is really no better way to showcase the true beauty of natural light than the use of whites. And when the sun goes down, indoor lighting will have its own chance to shine, keeping the tones in an all white room changing throughout the day so you’ll never be bored.
gallery-1448310622-white-benjamin-moore-color-of-the-yearWhen employing a monochromatic color scheme, texture plays a big part in keeping things interesting. Our tribal jewelry mixes many different textures in neutral tones to make one cohesive design. whites2Geodes like our druzy quartz provide texture where needed as well. Lack of color does not have to mean lack of depth or lack of interest.whiteshelfTake this room below as an example of how a neutral color scheme can be bold and extremely chic. The many textures at play in this room are what make the design work so well. The white fur stools pop in contrast with the natural fiber rug and luxe gray velvet upholstery.living-room-via-sally-what-interiorsThis white fur also happens to contrast nicely against our 24kt gold and white turquoise pieces.whites3There are many ways to use whites and natural colors to create successful design. So don’t think of white as boring vanilla, but instead see the different shades and natural tones as your rainbow!whites1Would you try this white look in your home? Or does keeping it clean make you nervous? If the white couch isn’t for you, stick to the white jewelry! At least you know it won’t hold a stain.


Susan Shaw Jewelry


Designer Spotlight: Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is widely known as one of the most influential fashion designers of all time. Coming from humble beginnings and building a brand that stands the test of time, she was known for being bold and elegant. There is no way to know how many designers she has inspired, but one for sure is Susan Shaw. Her iconic fashion house pioneered the idea that jewelry shouldn’t necessarily be meant to flaunt wealth (as it was in that time period), but instead to complement clothing. She was the first to mix fine gems with fabricated glass beads and gilt gold chains, changing the age old concept that jewelry had to be either “fine” or “costume” and creating a category all her own. Susan Shaw jewelry is in that category now, with our handcast metals, semi-precious stones, and a mix of glass and genuine freshwater pearls.  chanel3

We can’t mention Chanel without talking about the Chanel suit. She took the basics of a man’s suit, the tweed fabrics and clean lines and designed something for women to wear and move about freely in.  Her vision of fashion changed the fundamental way women dressed by freeing them from binding corsets and heavy layers of skirts in exchange for comfortable fabrics and simple structure. All Chanel clothing was designed to allow women to be comfortable doing their everyday activities without sacrificing an ounce of style.



When Chanel first added jewelry to her clothing line in the 1920’s, she designed colorful pieces as were popular at the time, but none more popular than the maltese cross cuffs in the photo below. Coco Chanel would wear one on each wrist in symmetry. These cuffs would come to be the most iconic piece of jewelry she would make and inspire the maltese cross to grow in popularity.


27a3f6e85c9ee941a5ee6fd12da26fabBelow you can see our Susan Shaw maltese cross designs inspired by the classic Chanel look.

Chanel wore her jewelry extravagantly, with many chains and strands of pearls. She would be very familiar with the style of an elegant woman today.



While Coco Chanel definitely had a signature look, her legacy encourages women to embrace their own style. An ideal that is shared by Susan Shaw Jewelry. We delight in contributing to a customer’s individual style. After all, “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” -Coco Chanel

And we couldn’t agree more.


Susan Shaw Jewelry


The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant is a majestic creature. As the largest mammal on land, these beautiful animals bring to mind thoughts of power, strength and even wisdom. They are thought to experience some of the same emotions as humans do, including empathy, self-awareness, compassion, and grief. The fascination with these animals is well deserved. So it is no wonder why elephants keep popping up throughout the fashion world. A symbol of style.

Susan uses elephants in many of her pieces, with various intaglios and even an elephant coin. The all gold and the two-tone elephant intaglios are featured below atop a Tracy Negoshian tunic from Susan’s wardrobe.

Elephants can be found in our jewelry and in the world of fashion, but lets not forget their presence in the home, which can be symbolic as well as elegant. With their trunks up (as pictured below) an elephant symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and victory.



With their trunks down, elephants symbolize longevity and conception. Although many superstitious people do not want to stray from the good luck of an upward-facing trunk. Personally, I would for the gorgeous custom wallpaper in the dining room below!


When an elephant is placed in the entry of a home and facing in, it is thought to bring good fortune to the family. In Feng Shui they call this the “Elephant of Many Blessings.” Susan has had this antique elephant statue from the Ming Dynasty in her home since the 70’s, a classic piece that is a beautiful as it (could be!) lucky.


With two of their three species being from Africa, elephants also represent the tribal look. These resin “good luck elephants” were Susan’s grandmothers from the 20’s. They pair so well with the African bone beads on our tribal bracelets. Trunks up!


This pearl necklace features an elephant on an old British shilling. Elegant and historical.IMG_4274

Susan purchased this elephant print top from one of our retailers in Houston, À bientôt. Its always fun to see our jewelry pair so beautifully with the clothing found in the same fabulous boutiques.


So why are we so drawn to these creatures? It could be the symbolism, superstition… or simply because they’re so darn cute!

And just like that, the elephant in the room becomes the thing you are talking about.


Susan Shaw Jewelry


Impressive Intaglios

Our collection of intaglios are a core part of the Susan Shaw Jewelry line. An intaglio is defined as a small etching (in any surface or material) that creates a raised picture. Intaglios are typically created to be used to stamp with ink or wax, but the beauty of these little etchings made them something to collect and display in your home (or around your neck as jewelry in this case!) Some of our two-tone intaglio necklaces are shown below, including the ever-popular Bee and Fleur de Lis symbols.

IMG_3910-1 copy

When Susan first designed these she was inspired by the old wax seals we used to use on envelopes. In fact, the first of her intaglios were molded from actual antique wax seals similar to the one pictured below.


As time went on, she started to create her own molds in order to involve some more modern symbols, like the ones below from our Equestrian collection.

IMG_3911 copy

The newest addition to our intaglio collection are the Venetian glass intaglios. You can see below the molds are the same as our metal intaglios, but the glass gives a whole new looks to these etchings.



This new venetian glass collection will also include some of our European coins as you can see below on the freshwater pearls.


Italian glass seemed fitting to the origin of Intaglios. In 18th century Italy and Greece, these intaglios were souvenirs, gathered throughout one’s travels. Perfect  for those that couldn’t afford to buy large statues or artwork, they would instead pick one of these miniature engraved plaster stamps, depicting a scene from their journey, and keep it in a journal with notes about what they had seen.  Now these little treasures have made their way into antique shops and it has become a growing trend to frame them in a collection on your wall.  You can see some beautiful examples below.



These intaglios may be small, but the history behind them is not.

Whether in your home or in your jewelry, Susan Shaw gives Intaglios our stamp of approval.


Susan Shaw Jewelry



Spotlight on Waldorf Astoria New York

Our travel spotlights shines on one of the most prestigious and well known hotels in existence, the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. A hotel as rich in history as it is in luxury, making us so proud to be included in their gift shop. This Park Avenue iconic hotel is known for its high end accommodations as well as its perfect location for those wanting to see all New York has to offer. From Central Park to Times Square to Park Avenue shopping, this hotel is a perfect destination for your next fabulous New York vacation.


Susan Shaw pieces that can be found in the Waldorf Astoria gift shop

When you walk into the lavish hotel lobby you get a feel for the overall art deco look of the hotel.

Lobby View

The ornately carved bronze Waldorf Astoria Clock is the focal point of the grand hotel lobby.


Originally, The Waldorf and The Astoria were two hotels, built by fueding relatives in 1893. They were later connected and the hallway between the two was known and Peacock Alley. The site of these original buildings was sold to the developer of the Empire State Building, which now stands at the very site of the original hotels. The current building was built in 1931 on Park Avenue as the tallest and largest hotel in the world at that time. The photo below is the updated Peacock Alley, which connects the two current hotel buildings and is now home to one of the hotel’s many restaurants.


The Royal Suite, pictured below, earned it’s name when it was the New York home to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.


Towers Suite

The tower suites are located on the top 15 floors of the hotel. They have their own private hotel entrance and the most exclusive accommodations and residences. Jackie and John F. Kennedy spent their wedding night in one of these luxury suites.


Known from early in its history for hosting grand galas and balls, The 4-story ballroom, is legendary for being the ultimate setting for celebrity, business and political events alike.Banquets---GrandBallroom

The hotel gift shop carries Susan Shaw jewelry, including these classic pieces pictured below. So by all means check it out if you find yourself in this gorgeous destination. waldorf1



In the words of Frank Sinatra (a frequent patron of the Waldorf-Astoria),  “Start Spreading the news…. I’m leaving today…” (I wish!)

Sometimes dreaming of vacations is just as fun as taking them… right?!


Susan Shaw Jewelry


Tribal Chic

The Susan Shaw Tribal Collection is here! The African tribal look continues to be a trend we are seeing in the world of fashion and interior design. The attention to detail and eye-catching patterns are what make this handmade look so unique and desirable. Susan Shaw has always valued the handmade look, making many of her own molds, so the tribal beads we have included in this collection seemed like a perfect fit for our line.tribal4

The Tabular brass beads (as seen mixed in to the top left and middle necklace above) are all one-of-a-kind. The lost wax process used to make these require a mold be made for each individual bead, which is then destroyed in order to extract the finished bead. So, while some beads look similar, none are the exact same. Once we receive these brass beads, we have them plated in our 24kt gold and hand-strung into our necklace designs.


The string of recycled glass beads seen in aqua in the photo above are made of powdered glass from broken bottles and other scrap glass that has been ground down and then melted into shape. The string of vertical painted beads in the photo below are also made of the recycled glass, but in this case the glass is painted with designs such as the circular shapes and patterns you see here. These beads are all made by hand in West Africa and the sale of these beads to companies in the US helps to support emerging economies while sustaining the livelihood of the native artisans who work so hard to make them.


Susan uses these colored glass beads, brass beads, and painted beads along with natural agate, wood, painted bone, and some of our signature gold pieces to create something truly unique while still staying true to the chic look our line has always had.


Of course we aren’t the only ones keen to this look. The fashion world has also embraced the unique tribal look. Valentino dedicated their Spring/Summer 2016 runway show to the African tribal theme, displaying craftsmanship that was well appreciated.

Valentino Spring 2016

Valentino Spring 2016
The mix of tribal prints and conservative structure make this dress below a beautiful interpretation of the look.

Talbot Runhof Tribal Print Dress courtesy of Neiman Marcus
Tribal motifs are also wildly popular in interior design. Whether the look is an all-over theme in a room, or just used as an accent piece, it adds interest wherever it goes.

The natural light on the stark white furniture and walls mixes so well with the African textiles like this bright woven rug.

And the tribal print pillows, throws, and hides in the room below create so much interest along with the ornate moldings and other vintage characteristics of the space.

This staircase runner, inspired by the centuries-old traditional African mud cloth, mixes so well next to the modern artwork.

So no matter what the style in your home, tribal accents can enhance it. We just love the fabrics below, which come in custom color ways to suit your needs and create the one-of-a-kind look that is so true to the African artisan.

Le Manach Fabrics
We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we have enjoyed crafting it.


And when it comes to trying out the tribal look, we suggest you go wild!


Susan Shaw Jewelry


The Shape of Design

Shapes like the Gothic Quatrefoil, Moroccan Arabesque, and the Scallop have been around for centuries we know, but they came back into the modern design world years ago and their popularity has certainly not been waning. Susan Shaw has been using variations of these shapes for years in her jewelry design and also around her home. These quatrefoil pendant necklaces below lay atop a Moroccan-inspired fabric Susan has, showcasing the beautiful lines of these shapes.IMG_1481

The fabric, which she used on these pillows, are an eye-catching addition to her poolside lounge area.IMG_1480

The definition of quatrefoil is a symmetrical shape which forms the overall outline of four partially overlapping circles. So, just like the arabesque and scallop, it is a geometric shape based on the curves of a circle (as opposed to containing only straight lines). Perhaps one of the reasons these shapes continue to be so popular in design is that they marry the best of two worlds; the eye-catching contrast of a geometric shape and the softness and subtly of the curve.FullSizeRender_2

These quatrefoil chairs by Hickory Chair are a beautiful example of using a classic shape to make something modern.



This mirror below showcases the quatrefoil in this glamorous combination of black and gold.


Susan had used many variations of these shapes in the jewelry line using handcast metal as well as tortoise pieces.


This intricate quatrefoil Susan has paired with freshwater pearls and cotton pearls in this photo below stands out wonderfully against the wallpaper which Susan has in her home. We love the french blue with striking gold!


The french blue and gold combination is stunning in this wallpaper as well, which features the overlapping quatrefoil shapes to create a scalloped pattern. Notice how the Moroccan patterned pillow mixes so nicely in this bedroom!


The scallop wallpaper and chair below remind us that scallop pattern originated with the shell. What a divine place to take a seat!


Another major trend right now is a scallop-like pattern that resembles fish scales. Some call this repeated shape an Ogee (which is basically any shape with a convex and concave curve).  We are seeing this pattern in furniture like this gorgeous media piece below by Bernhardt, and this fabulously modern chair by Selemat.


This shape is also quite popular in tile as you can see in this bathroom below. The mixture of the curves in the tile and the mirror with the straight lines in the modern hardware makes this bathroom so dynamic and beautiful.



You may now find yourself noticing these shapes and patterns everywhere! Do you have a favorite? We couldn’t possibly chose!



Susan Shaw Jewelry


Gardens In Bloom

A garden can serve so many purposes in our lives. It can be a momentary escape from our task lists, computer screens and phones or a beautiful backdrop for an evening gathering of family and friends.  Scientists have been touting for years the importance of connecting with nature to your physical and mental health and many cities are now prioritizing the importance of growing their green spaces to bring together communities a tourists alike.  For Susan Shaw, gardens can provide inspiration to her designs, so it makes sense she would surround herself with beautiful landscapes at home and in her travels.

At Susan’s home in San Antonio, Texas you can find a gorgeous garden and patio, perfect for inspiring her creations.


Susan and her husband Eric thoroughly enjoy their outdoor space. Many times you can find them playing around this fountain with their granddaughters.



The statues and sculptures are as delicately placed as each planting in their yard to create an oasis of positive energy and artistic stimulation.


Their courtyard is the perfect backdrop for summer nights spent cooking dinner on the grill, and when the sun goes down, the lights on the patio provide a warm glow for evening conversations.


IMG_1311IMG_1305Jewelry that is inspired by nature is the perfect pick for your summer evening spent at a garden party or dining al fresco. Can we get a seat at that table on the cover of Carolyne Roehm’s book please!🙂


Roses and Peonies in Carolyne Roehm’s cutting garden


Of course Susan is not the only designer inspired by nature. In fact, the floral trend has been taking over the fashion world lately and can be found on nearly every runway.


Pair your Susan Shaw jewelry with a floral print dress and you are ready for an elegant summer evening.



If gardens are fuel for the soul, you can see how new ideas are blooming every day. So don’t hesitate to wander outside- be it at your home, around your neighborhood, or in your local park- to find what might inspire you.



Susan Shaw Jewelry


Spotlight on Charleston

Our travel spotlight shines on a wonderful southern city today, known for its unique culture and friendly people. Charleston, South Carolina is not only a historical city filled with gorgeous architecture dating back to the beginning of our country, but also a city that is in tune with modern culture, full of public parks, local commerce, the arts, and topping list after list of the best cities to visit in the United States. Charleston truly has it all. Susan and her husband Eric love to visit this charming city and so we’ve decided to highlight their experiences in the Lowcountry.

What to Pack

So let’s pack our bags- remember to pack bright– yes we mean bright not light- the colorful clothing is a signature style in Charleston, so why not do as the locals do and celebrate the elegance of color. Perhaps choose some turquoise jewelry from Susan Shaw and, along with your colorful wardrobe, you will need some beautiful yet comfortable shoes. The walking culture in Charleston is one of our favorite things about the city, but mind your heels- the locals know how to navigate the cobblestone streets in their stilettos but may we suggest a wedge or flat for your first visit?🙂 The weather is another big tourism draw to the city- their mild winters make it a great place to go to when the rest of the country is covered in snow! But if you find yourself visiting in those hot summer months, you’ll be glad to know you are minutes away from some beautiful beaches such as Folly beach and Sullivan’s Island.

IMG_0888Where to Eat

The delicious restaurants in Charleston are an attraction all their own! Every meal Susan and her husband Eric enjoyed on their most recent trip was fabulous and we highlighted a few of them below.

If you’re a fan of Oysters, you must try Pearlz Oyster Bar on East Bay Street. Need the perfect necklace? Susan’s brand new gilded Oyster shell pendants are the perfect accessory!


For some of the best soft-shell crab you will ever have, visit Slightly North of Broad also known as S.N.O.B., maybe because their menu would please even the most discerning foodie.

Don’t miss Hank’s, a seafood institutuion for over 16 years. Meet the friendly people of Charleston at their community table while you enjoy your meal. If you have time, visit the City Market nearby, one of the nation’s oldest public markets and a treasure that tops the lists of things to see in Charleston.

Enjoy dinner at Coast in Hutson Alley, charleston’s newest restaurant scene, and then wander into the alley after dinner for some live music. This is what a perfect Charleston evening is made of.



Finally, enjoy a nightcap (a local bourbon perhaps?) at Victor Social Club in the alley. Bow tie not required but you’ll see them all around this vibrant and stylish city.



Where to Shop

Now there are many visitors who come to Charleston for the shopping. King Street has been named one of the “10 Top Shopping Districts in USA” by Forbes Traveler and you won’t want to miss it! Below are 2 shops on lower King Street who sell Susan Shaw jewelry in Charleston. Stop by and find something perfect to accessorize your Charleston look.

Julep (formerly Warren on King)

154 King Street  • Charleston, SC 29401 • (843)724-9144

Tina Stephens

278 King Street • Charleston, SC 29401 • (843)202-0822


Shopping for the home? West of the Ashley River, you will find a fabulous interior design store where you can also find Susan Shaw jewelry.

GDC Home

1290 Sam Rittenburg Boulevard • Charleston, SC 29407 • (843) 571-5142


What to See

One of the highlights on Susan’s trip was the 69th annual Home & Garden Festival. They took the South Battery Home Tour allowing them to tour some of the most historical and gorgeous mansions, some dating back to before the civil war. No photos were allowed in the homes, but some of the photos below show their facades and gardens.  If you find yourself in Charleston during this festival we highly recommend taking one of these amazing tours.



Some of the oldest homes in Charleston are on East Bay Street and make up what is called Rainbow Row. The architecture is a prime example of the uniqueness that makes this city so appealing to residents and tourists. Not to mention the fabulous colors!




The wonderful parks in Charleston are not to be missed! Hampton Park, Waterfront Park, White Point Garden are among some of the most visited. Susan and Eric visited the Magnolia Plantation where they enjoyed lunch and took these gorgeous photos below.




Many have referred to Charleston as “a city set in a garden” and we couldn’t agree more. If you travel between November and March you will be taken aback by the beauty of the blooming Camellias.

Legend of the Pineapple 

The pineapple is a symbol in Charleston dating back to the city’s colonial days as a shipping port. Sea Captains would return from their travels with many exotic things, including pineapples which they would post outside their homes to signal to their friends they had returned safely. These pineapples were may times posted up on a gate outside their home as an invitation to come inside and enjoy stories of their travels. From this the pineapple became a symbol of hospitality and can be found all over the city including in the iron works of front gates. Below is a pineapple fountain Susan happened upon on her trip as well as a famous fountain in Charleston’s Waterfront Park.


THE famous Pineapple Fountain found in Waterfront Parlk
THE famous Pineapple Fountain found in Waterfront Park
Susan’s Pineapple and Palm Tree intaglios are quintessential Charleston

Southern Charm

We simply can’t mention Charleston without a shoutout to one of our favorite reality shows that is filmed there. Southern Charm on Bravo follows a group of 30 somethings who live and work in Charleston and, aside from some drama we’ve come to know in many reality shows, we love seeing the city, the culture and the fashion from their point of view. Speaking of fashion, one of the cast members, Jennifer Snowden has been seen this season sporting our jewelry! Many of her fans asked where to find the necklaces she has been wearing and so below is her Instagram account crediting Susan Shaw! Whether its our equestrian necklace, white turquoise intaglio necklace, or the turquoise quad-cross pendant necklace, she wears it all well!

Screenshot 2016-05-24 10.02.42

We love being a part of the southern elegant fashion the Charleston embodies.


Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway or a quick shopping trip with your girlfriends, we suggest putting Charleston on your list. Safe travels!


Susan Shaw Jewelry