Spotlight on Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Winston-Salem is known as the “City of the Arts and Innovation” for it’s dedication to fine arts and theater as well as it’s involvement in technological research. Many know Winston-Salem for being the home of Wake Forest University, and although the university adds so much to the town by way of its medical programs etc., Winston-Salem has so much more to offer beyond the typical college town. You’d be surprised about the variety of things of do in the city. We will highlight a few of those as well as letting you know where to find Susan Shaw Jewelry in town!

One of the first things we think of when we think of Winston-Salem, is its rich history. You can find so much interesting history at Bethabara Park, the earliest Moravian settlement in the Piedmont, established in 1753. The park is on a 183-acre wildlife preserve with 126 species of birds. You can tour the settlement with guides in period costumes adding another level of fun to the experience.

A side of the city that may be less known to visitors is the tech side. Winston-Salem is becoming a prominent area for scientific research and companies in the nanotech, high-tech and bio-tech fields. A fun way for young visitors to experience science is at a place called Kaledium, which was a collaboration of the Winston-Salem children’s museum and SciWorks (an interactive science museum). Kaledium offers experiences in the natural and physical sciences within its seven indoor science halls, its traveling exhibits hall, the 50-foot/119-seat domed Planetarium, and outside in its Environmental Park habitats (including the ever-popular barnyard).

For the older (21 and up) visitors, a day trip to the Yadkin Valley wine country may be in order. Less than an hour from Winston-Salem is over a million acres of wine country called the Yadkin Valley. It is home to more than 35 wineries and vineyards, making it a great place to visit!

Also in the Yadkin Valley, Pilot Mountain is spectacular sight to see. The mountain rises 2,000 feet seemingly out of nowhere. It is a national park at the summit and it is also home to many trails, campsites, rock-climbing sites and is adjacent to the Yadkin River. This beautiful landscape is definitely worth seeing if you are looking for a day trip.

Now to our favorite part of every trip… shopping! Hanes Mall is huge shopping mall with 128 stores, making it one of the largest malls in North Carolina. But just down the road you can find a truly unique store called Salem Creek, which started as a small antique shop and has grown to include home decor, gifts, apparel, jewelry and accessories as well as a gourmet food shop! It truly has it all – including our jewelry- making it a can’t-miss for your shopping list.

Salem Creek

694 Hanes Mall Blvd. • Winston-Salem, NC  27103

336-760-1717 •

Another can’t-miss boutique is Kim Taylor & Company. Located in the heart of Winston-Salem, they offer Home Decor, Furniture, Gifts, as well as apparel and, of course, Susan Shaw Jewelry! In addition to all of this, they also function as an interior design studio with wonderful fabrics and wallpapers to chose from. We are always honored to be included in shops like these, that pull together an inventory of items each clearly picked with exquisite taste.

Kim Taylor & Company

153 S Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27104

(336) 722-8503 •

Here are a few of our pieces you might find while shopping in these Winston-Salem boutiques. The flowers, leaves and bees are so perfect for summer! And the pearls transform these bits of nature into elegant pieces perfect for your chic summer wardrobe.

The coins used in the jewelry below carry historical significance just like the town of Winston-Salem itself! Many are made from European coins no longer in circulation, making them as interesting as they are beautiful.

Many of our customers love our jewelry for traveling. It holds up to any occasion and can help you feel put together when away from home. Not to mention, the quality of our pieces can stand up to the wear and tear jewelry sometimes gets in a travel case.

Has Winston-Salem peaked your interest? Go ahead and add it to your list of fun getaways. We know you won’t be disappointed!

Safe Travels,

Susan Shaw Jewelry

It’s Only Natural

Natural Rattan furniture and decor is not exactly new on the scene, but we just love how people are using it to style their interiors now. Rattan used to be just for outdoor areas or boho looks but we are seeing it pop up in every style of decor and it sure adds a warmth and texture wherever it goes. Our new rattan jewelry pieces are no different! Mixed with our hand cast metals, mother of pearl and fun colored tassels, the new rattan collection is a must-have for summer!

Susan has designed some truly unique pieces in the new rattan collection and they are so lightweight! We love the rattan mixed with these shell components below!

So how do you use rattan in your home without it looking dated? Start with one or two pieces in a room. The texture will add dimension to the space, but too many pieces could overwhelm and change the look of your room. The rattan coffee table below is such a great choice for this traditional seating area.

The rattan dining chairs below really shine when mixed with modern decor in this dining room below.

We love this chic entry accented with a collection of rattan accessories. Very successful design!

Another beautiful all- white dining area is warmed up by these gorgeous rattan dining chairs.

Although we love the mixing whites and neutrals together for a monochromatic look, we can’t forget how great naturals look with color! These fun tassels below are so perfect for summer!

The vibrant green hues below are so perfect with the rattan chairs in this open-air seating room.

The cool blues and natural tones of rattan mimic the colors of the beach- no wonder we are loving it so much!

These geometric pieces below are the perfect mix of natural and modern.

Are you a fan of rattan? We sure are!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Spotlight on Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Just south of Charleston is the beautiful Kiawah Island, home to gorgeous beaches, golf courses and a grand resort. It’s been referred to as the “Hamptons of the South” due to it’s gorgeous mansions, members-only golf courses, and high-end shopping and dining.

Speaking of shopping, we have to mention the fabulous store where you can find our jewelry alongside elegant furniture, bedding, home decor, and gifts. GDC Home is located in Freshfields Village and is the perfect place to shop for your home, for a wedding gift or for our jewelry!


420 Freshfields Dr. 
Kiawah Island, SC


Below are some examples of jewelry you might find in their store and pieces that you will love to wear on your Kiawah vacation! Pineapples are a symbol of sorts in this area of the south, so these intaglios below are perfect!

Our classic coins and bees are also quite popular in the South and the Cicada earrings have been a fun addition to the line.

These fun tassels and seaglass pieces make the perfect accessories for your Kiawah shopping outing.

You’ll find many places to go for upscale shopping and dining in Freshfields Village. You can easily walk the area and see it all or rent bikes at the resort and see it that way.

There are so many restaurants to try in the area too, and you’re sure to find a place for fresh oysters while you are there. To see a full list of restaurants in Freshfields Village click here.

While we love to enjoy the oysters on our plate, we also love it on our jewelry! Check out our oyster pieces below including some new designs with a pearls.

These shells and coastal designs are perfect for your beach getaway.

The beaches in Kiawah Island will be the highlight of your trip. They have 10 miles of pristine beach and is comprised of two areas: East Beach and West Beach. Besides the many private beach accesses available to property owners and resort guests, Beachwalker County Park, located on the west end (West Beach) of Kiawah Island, offers the only public beach access on the island.

In addition to the gorgeous beaches, the golf courses on Kiawah Island are also a huge draw for visitors. The resort offers 5 different courses, which have been hosts to many tournaments including the 2012 and upcoming 2021 PGA Championship.

If you have been looking for the perfect upscale beach getaway, I think you found your place!

Safe Travels,

Susan Shaw Jewelry

Color of the Year: Living Coral

We love following the Pantone Color trends and we’re on the edge of our seat with each new Color of the Year. This year Living Coral was named as the color of the year and we are loving it!

We have had genuine coral in our line for years, but it’s always fun to give it a fresh look. We have lots of coral peices to show you and many beautiful ways to use the color of the year in your home decor.

Traditionally, coral is thought to be a coastal color and there is nothing wrong with that when it’s the look you are going for. But, when it came out as the color of the year, it gave everyone the ok to bring the color into their traditional interior design as well. The elegant dining room below gets a fresh look with this coral wallpaper.

This office space uses coral in a very bold way with the lacquer shelves. What a happy place to work!

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to incorporate the color in your decor, check out the kitchen below that mixes coral and blush pink so successfully.

Here’s another beautiful mix of coral and blush with a more modern result.

Speaking of blush and coral, our genuine pink coral is really a beautiful and dynamic stone with these two colors in it.

Here is more of our pink coral- with an intaglio for everyone!

In addition to the color coral, we also see genuine coral formations used in interior design. No one does this better than our own Susan Shaw. Below are some photos of her home and her use of coral and shells to create an elegant look. We love how the white coral mixes with the blue and white!

This stunning shell chest was made by an artist in Newport Beach- what intricate work went into it! Its perfectly paired with the coral print above in Susan’s entry.

While the color of the year is more pinky coral, the red color of these genuine coral pieces will never go out of style.

We leave you with one more image of a fabulous use of the color of the year. What we wouldn’t give to be on this patio now, lemonade in hand!

Are you into Living Coral for your home and jewelry? Or do you prefer save it for the coastal look?


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Spotlight on Key West, Florida

While Spring seems to be in no hurry to arrive, we have already began to daydream about tropical places. So it seems like a perfect time to spotlight one of our favorite destinations, the charming island of Key West. Their sunny beaches and warm weather are exactly what we need right now!

Other than going to the beach, there are many things to do in Key West. One of the most popular landmarks is the southernmost point of the island, which happens to also be the southernmost point of the United States. Across the water there is only 90 miles from this point to the shores of Cuba. Its a great place to grab a selfie, but the downside is the super long lines.

Another popular spot is the former home of Ernest Hemingway. You can tour this home and museum where Hemingway resided in the 1930s. Legend has it that you also might find some cats roaming the grounds that descended from Hemingway’s 6-toed cat. So check out those paws!

The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum

While you’re on the museum tour, don’t miss the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum- this also happens to be where to find our jewelry!

200 Greene Street 
Key West, Florida 33040
305.294.2633 •

The museum was founded by Mel Fisher and houses the many artifacts and treasures he and others discovered from 17th century shipwrecks. The exhibits from each shipwreck are incredible- definitely a worth while experience for any tourist! Another unique thing about the museum is that their artifact conservation lab is open to the public. So you can tour the lab and see how they preserve artifacts- so cool!

Now you don’t want to miss the gift shop in the museum. This is where you will find a beautiful collection of gifts and accessories, including Susan Shaw Jewelry. Below are some pieces you might find there that would be perfect for your coastal vacation wardrobe.

Our genuine coral pieces are so beautiful and unique. Whether its pink coral or red, it mixes so perfectly with our handcast gold.

Another material you might find under the sea, our Venetian sea glass, gets a glamorous touch when the intaglios are mixed with freshwater pearls. What perfect accessories for your night out in Key West.

The vintage coins and pearls in the pieces below remind us of something that might have been discovered in a ship wreck. In fact, there are many rare coins in the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum as well!

Our blue agate stones pair perfectly with the various unique pendants below. I can see lunching in Key West in any one of these necklaces.

After a day of sightseeing, you are sure to find just the right spot on Duval Street, the heart of the nightlife and bar scene in Key West. Some of the bars, like Sloppy Joe’s have been around since the day prohibition was repealed in 1933.

We hope you find Key West to be as charming are we do. For a 3-mile island, it sure packs in the culture, cuisine, and history alongside its sunny beaches.

Safe Travels,

Susan Shaw Jewelry

Shades of Blue

Today we’re looking at the different shades of blue and how beautifully they can be used in the world of jewelry and interior design. Blue is the most popular color in the world. It’s safe to say that blue will always be in vogue wherever its used because its popularity admits everyone.

The shades of blue used in this living room evoke feelings of peace, elegance, style, and timelessness. Its amazing how the right mix of blue can create a perfect aura.

Jewelry is a subtle and chic way to add blue to your everyday look. Our new matte turquoise beads are so unique. The vibrant gold and pastel blue play well off of each other making for an attractive balance.

Our Venetian glass jewelry is another stylish way to add blue to your wardrobe. These pieces of jewelry contain our signature designs etched into real Venetian glass. The stunning blue glass is surrounded by gold and just glamorous.

Light and gentle tones of blue aren’t only common in jewelry, they are also used in interior design. Many designers create the perfect atmosphere for a bathroom with lighter shades of blue. Light blues can create a relaxing and soft look which makes for a fabulous bathroom!

Navy is probably one of the most common shades of blue that we see. This heavier shade of blue is perfect when you want to add a pop of blue amongst neutrals- whether it be an outfit or a room.

Cobalt blue is the boldest shade of blue. It’s a brighter and stronger which makes it’s color have a profound appearance. The crystal pendant pieces below are new to the line and come in 5 colors! Love!

Cobalt blue is a popular color accent in jewelry and also interior design. See how the wallpaper really pops and adds dimension to this room! Cobalt blue is perfect for when you want to make an outfit or space special.

The rattan earrings below are part of another new collection. All these pieces are so fun for spring and summer!

Are you a fan of the blues?! We hope that you love our new unique blue Susan Shaw pieces!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Spotlight on Lost Pines, Texas

Our travel spotlight shines on a beautiful part of Texas just 30 miles outside of Austin. It may be a close trip from the city, but you will find a resort surrounded only by the beautiful scenery of this unique part of the hill country. The Hyatt Lost Pines Resort is a fabulous place to plan your next trip as it has so much to offer guests. We can highlight a few of our favorite things about the resort as well as show you where to find our jewelry there!

We were so excited when this property started selling our jewelry. Not just because its a beautiful Texas spot, but its so close to our headquarters in San Antonio, that we can visit anytime! If you’re further away, we promise it is still worth the trip. Whether you are looking for a quiet spa weekend or a fun trip with kids, you will find what you’re wanting here- and more!

Relaxing Spa
Adult Only Pool
Kids Pool, Lazy river and waterslide!

The rooms are wonderful! You can have a traditional guest room or upgrade to a junior suite which is complete with a living area and breakfast room. You can even get a second connecting bedroom to the suite for a family getaway!

One of the most unique features of this property is the extensive list of activities. They make s’mores each night around the fire pit, have movie nights on the lawn, crafting classes, and more! There is something going on every hour of the day so you are sure to find something cool you are interested in. And there will be no bored kids!

Fire Pit where you can find them making s’mores every night

We can’t forget the beautiful golf course, tennis courts, nature trails, and the complimentary bikes you can ride around the property! They even offer horseback riding!

Now you can’t miss the gift shop! That’s where you will find our jewelry of course! Here’s a look at some of the pieces they carry at the resort.

Here are some of our Genuine Turquoise and White Turquoise pieces with pendants created from actual antique nickels we collect from the 1930’s.

Why not pick up a souvenir Texas bracelet while you are there too!

We try not to be too biased, but Texas is a wonderful place to visit. You will find welcoming people and a culture that includes a little bit of everything- much like the Hyatt Lost Pines Resort! We hope you visit soon, y’all!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

The Many Sides of the Coin

This year has some great trends in store. Jewelry is bigger, more fun and more interesting. Coins are topping all the jewelry trend lists right now, but the best part of our coin collections are that they’re classic. They have been a part of our line before they became trendy and they will be around after.

Some of our newer coin pieces have freshwater pearl accented settings, which really bring an elegant look to the coins.

The two tone look of the coins and gold settings is also a trend this year. Mixing metals is ok! So no more worrying about your silver watch and your gold earrings, you can wear it all together!

All of our coins have European roots. This bee coin was a really neat find. It comes from Italy. The creation of the Euro really left a lot of neat coins to become part of history- or part of your jewelry!

The semi precious stones give a totally different look to the coins- its a little more unique and fun.

The all gold look is also a beautiful way to wear coins. I could see these pieces below with a nice outfit for going out to dinner as much as I could see it with a white button down and jeans. So much versatility!

Our Venetian Glass coins are so unique. They give a glamorous twist to the coin pendant.

The multi-coin look is definitely a statement. Perfect for when you really need a standout piece to make your outfit special.

Cotton pearls are a great addition to the coin jewelry as well. These bold pieces will elevate any look.

If you are a fan of coin jewelry, have you always been? Or is it a new obsession? Either way we hope you enjoy our unique coin designs!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Pearl Tribute to the Lovely Barbara Bush

With the passing of both Barbara and George H. W. Bush this year, we are inclined to reflect on their lives and their service to our country.  Barbara was not only a kind First Lady with a big heart, but an advocate for many worthy causes.  In addition to her wonderful qualities, she also had a signature look…pearls. 

Barbara joked with her granddaughter Jenna about the reason she wore the pearls.

“The pearls are to cover the wrinkles, which they no longer do,” said Bush to her granddaughter. “You can’t wear pearls all over your face.” 

Her sense of humor was a trademark of hers as much as the pearl necklace was.  In the wake of her passing, many women are paying tribute to her by wearing pearls of their own. Below are some Susan Shaw looks that definitely capture the essence of Barbara.

If you visit the George Bush Library and Museum in College Station, Texas, you will find the iconic strand of pearls worn by Barbara in the gift shop for purchase.  You will also find our jewelry! We are so proud to be carried there. Not too long ago we were told the story of how Barbara came to find our jewelry. She was shopping with some board members of the presidential library one day at a store that carries our jewelry in Houston (A Bientot), when she noticed our pieces. That’s when she requested Susan Shaw be carried at the library gift shop, and it has been proudly carried there ever since! 

You can check out the online store here if you can’t make the trip!

Pearls have the reputation for being conservative and classic, which is one of the wonderful things about them, but many people don’t realize how versatile they can really be. Barbara was always switching up her earrings to be worn alongside her pearl necklace. The different bracelets and earrings below are fun options for any pearl look.

The delicate chain pearl necklaces below create a modern look without losing the classic elegance of pearls.

One of our most unique collections is our Baroque Pearls. Each pearl is in its natural form, making them all uniquely shaped. The grey version of our Baroque Pearls below are sure to make a unique statement.

With so many different ways to enjoy pearls, you could wear them every day- just like Barbara. We surely won’t be able to wear a strand of pearls without thinking of our former First Lady and her beautiful soul.


Susan Shaw Jewelry 

Spotlight on Bethlehem, Pennslyvania

Our travel spotlight shines on one of the oldest cities in America, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. This time of year Bethlehem is known as The Christmas City, as it shares the name of the birthplace of Jesus. Christmas isn’t the only time of year to find things to do in Bethlehem. We are highlighting many of the fun things to see and do in Bethlehem as well as where to find Susan Shaw Jewelry- of course!

When deciding where to travel, you might want to check out one of the big cities everyone knows about or you may want to find a hidden gem. In this case, the hidden gem is Bethlehem, PA. The charm of the city, the beautiful landscape along with the many things to do and see make this a perfect choice for your next unique travel find. 

There is a colonial charm to the city that you will love! Rent a carriage to tour the cobblestone streets and see the many historic buildings this town has to offer.

The art and music scene in Bethlehem is definitely one of the draws to the city.  Arts Quest, a community-based nonprofit organization, brings access to art, culture and music to the citizen of Bethlehem. The ArtsQuest Center at Steel Stacks (pictured below) features numerous indoor and outdoor venues for music, festivals and other community entertainment.  One of their main festivals of the year, Musikfest, happens in August. Musikfest is one of the most diverse music festivals in the nation, with 500-plus shows on 16 stages over 10 days.

Gambling anyone? Sands Casino is another one of the draws to the area. Try your hand at the Black Jack table or visit one of the many top tier restaurants and shops that the Sands Casino Resort has to offer. 

If you visit Bethlehem this time of year, you can enjoy The Christmas City and all it has to offer. Their holiday market, Christkindlmarkt, was called one of the best holiday markets in the US by Travel + Leisure. The market includes 100+ vendors selling unique gifts and fine art as well as live holiday music performances. 

The decorations around the city are unrivaled, but their most prominent decoration shines down from South Mountain, a giant star mimicking the Biblical guide of the Magi. Nothing will get you into the holiday spirit more than visiting Bethlehem at Christmas!

If you stick around past Christmas, you can enjoy PEEPSFEST, the 2-day festival dedicated to the marshmallow Easter snack that originated in Bethlehem.  Enjoy the New Year’s firework display as well as the Peep Chick Drop, which happens on New Year’s Eve.

If you’re looking for the best place to stay, look no further than the Historic Hotel Bethlehem. This beautiful hotel lies within a building that dates back to George Washington’s presidency. The hotel is perfectly located in the heart of Bethlehem and has 125 restored rooms with views of Main Street as well as the Bethlehem Star on the mountain.

Hotel Bethlehem at Christmas

Looking for Susan Shaw Jewelry? Hotel Bethlehem has a wonderful gift shop that carries beautiful clothing, gifts and our jewelry! Stop by to find some of these designs!

Who says grey has to be gloomy? Our Labradorite pieces show the fancy side of grey- and they are perfect for this time of year. 

Whether you prefer our classic Bee intaglio or our new octagon and pearl Bee pendant, your look will generate lots of buzz at your next holiday party.

Oh the possibilities of Pearls! Our large freshwater coin pearls are a newer addition to the line. We love the oversize look! And look how well it pairs with our Mother-of-Pearl inlaid clover pieces.  

The combination of our Venetian glass and freshwater pearls is stunning as well. 

We hope you plan to add Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to your travel list and looks us up at the Hotel Bethlehem gift shop! You won’t be dissapointed!

Safe Travels, 

Susan Shaw Jewelry