Ode to Paris

In light of all the tragedy and unrest in Paris, we thought it would be a good time to remember the glory of the city. After all, it happens to be a very inspirational city to Susan Shaw, both in her jewelry design, and in her home decor.


Many pieces in the jewelry line have French influences, some even have French coins!IMG_1095


Chanel, a cornerstone of French fashion, was one of the first to use the maltese cross in her design. Decades later, it can be found all over the fashion world, a beautiful symbol of elegance.



The fabulous shop displays in Paris should not be missed. Below is Susan saying oui to purchasing a little treat for one of her granddaughters at Le Bon Marché on her visit in May.


This colorful Hermès scarf is the perfect backdrop for some more classic pieces in the Susan Shaw line.


Antiquing in Paris is a treat that keeps bringing Susan and her husband back to the gorgeous city. Below is her husband shopping during one of their favorite antique shows at the Bastille on the banks of the Seine.


Many of the treasures in the Shaw home have been found in Paris- like this antique barometer below, found at a Paris flea market.


The photos below of the Shaw home definitely showcase their love for all things French. It’s no wonder Susan’s jewelry fits right in on the sofa…





Our love goes out to the city of Paris and all the families who lost loved ones. Your city is a work of art that we will keep going back to appreciate. Nothing can change that.

Peace for Paris,

Susan Shaw Jewelry


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