On trend: Animal

Neutrals have never been more in style than they are now. And the edgiest neutral of all? Animal print. The is nothing more fabulous and simultaneously practical. Whether you are dressing up an outfit of solids or adding a finishing touch to a tastefully decorated room, that animal print accessory is sure to be the stunner.

Susan Shaw Tortoise Collection and Gold Tiger Intaglio necklace

Although it is a year-round trend, this happens to be our favorite time of year to be mixing black and brown and beige in our wardrobe. These tortoise pieces are a perfect finishing touch!




But fashion isn’t the only place for animal prints. Notice how this leopard anchors the room and brings together the upscale look of this study.

Susan Shaw’s home

We love our animal print almost as much as we love our pets!

Susan’s dog, Bentley, at home among the animal prints and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pillow

Investing in a bold animal print in your home may seem like a bold move, but it’s actually not. Animal prints have stood the test of time. They’re a trend that will keep on giving you a classic look for years to come. So if you love it like we do, go for it!

Susan Shaw Tortoise and Coin Jewelry

When you find an animal print you love..go wild!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

P.S. Susan Shaw Tortoise collection is in stores now!

Customers can find it at one of our online retailers! Lauren London.

Shop owners can find it on our wholesale website @ SusanShaw.com

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