A Silver & Gold Christmas

It’s that time of year! When you want to know- “What do I wear to this holiday party?” and “Do my decorations need an update?” Freshening your look may be as easy as finding the silver and gold you already have and mixing it!

Remember when mixing metals was a faux pas? Gone are the days…


This metallic look can be the perfect way to shine this season!


I know we all want our homes to shine too!  Like this beautiful arrangement in Susan’s entryway!

Susan Shaw’s home

Try mixing silver and gold into the colors of your home decor. The french blue dresser and the blue and white porcelain in the photos below both beautifully compliment the metallic look.

Susan Shaw’s home


Not that we have anything against the classic red and green color scheme, but it is fun to mix in things you love all year- like Susan’s shells below- to create look that’s unique to you.

Susan Shaw’s home

Oh how it glitters!

We also couldn’t leave out our Druzy Quartz jewelry. Another unique look that is sure to shimmer at your holiday party.

Susan Shaw Druzy Quartz jewelry

Anyone else about to break out in the old Burl Ives song? “Silver and Gold…Silver and Gold...” Maybe he tried to tell us about this beautiful metallic combo back in the 1964 Rudolph Christmas Special!

However you decide to decorate your home (and yourself) this Christmas, we hope you enjoy the season as much as we do!


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