Spotlight on The Biltmore… at Christmas


Our jewelry can be found in some amazing places. The beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina are no exception. That is where you can find the Biltmore, a grand estate on 8,000 acres. It was once just the home of the prominent Vanderbilt family, a place for them to entertain guests on a grand scale. Today it still serves the same purpose (and is still family-owned!) but now we all have an invitation. It is a beautiful place to visit year-round, but the grandeur is even more magical this time of year.

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The property has over 40 Christmas trees, but the large one in the banquet hall is a 40-foot stunner- with ornaments the size of basketballs!


Each year has a theme- this year it is “A Gilded Age Christmas.” The glittering antique ornaments remind us of the time this estate was in full swing (1920’s pun intended).


Susan’s table at home has similar antique ornaments- they are such a glamorous way to decorate.

Each room has a team of designers. Making the tour of the property something that just can’t be missed.



And after a long walk of the property, what better way to end the day than with some retail therapy. Their gift shop is beautiful! Be sure not to miss the Susan Shaw Jewelry display!

Susan Shaw visiting her jewelry display in the Biltmore gift shop

Browse around and you might find some of the classic Susan Shaw jewelry below!





The Vanderbilt family dog, a St. Bernard named Cedric, is remembered as a mascot for the estate and stuffed animals like the one below can also be found in the gift shop.

Susan’s dog, Bentley, posing with his Cedric toy

The Vanderbilt family has maintained this estate so beautifully. If you are looking for your next travel destination, you may want to consider Asheville and the Biltmore. You won’t regret it. I think I know where I will be next Christmas.


Susan Shaw Jewelry

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