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As we start the year, there is a lot of talk about all things new and fresh. Although our topic may not be anything new- it is always fresh! And how can we talk about interior design without mentioning blue & white, the classic color combination that is serene and yet striking at the same time? Entire books have been written on the subject (see one on these shelves below)! It is a classic combo that just won’t go out of style- thank goodness! One well-placed piece may make a room of any color scheme just a little more interesting; and a concentrated collection like the one below can add a wow factor to any space.


Aside from the history of Blue and White and the many versions found across almost every Asian and European culture, we just keep coming back to this look because it is so pleasing to the eye. Like white clouds floating on a blue sky or white foam upon an endless ocean, this natural color combination is one worth noticing.


From oversized jars and planters to a small accent on a shelf… they bring elegance wherever they go. 



The hand painted porcelain is not the only way to stun with this color combo. Blue and White fabrics bring that same fresh look.  The calming effect of blue and white may help us forget our stresses and spend a minute relaxing…



Its hard to say exactly what inspires design, but being surrounded by blue and white decor may have led to some of the pieces below. Just check out these Blue Lapis stones, blue and white Druzy pieces as well as some classic white pearls. Gorgeous!




This jewelry would pair well with most any color you wear, but to stay on topic… how about a classic white top?


However you decide to wear it or decorate with it, we hope you enjoy blue and white as much as we do!


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