Tied up in Love Knots

February is here! Meaning, it is officially time to think about those we love. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought it perfect timing to introduce something we love; the new Susan Shaw Love Knot collection (and some new heart designs as well)!


Our twist on the classic love knot is gorgeous in handcast 24kt gold and sterling silver. Genuine freshwater pearls add elegance to select pieces, making them perfect for your date night or valentine cocktail party.



Is there any better combination than flowers and jewelry?? (ok maybe a little chocolate too)…



Love Knots may also be the perfect addition to the table you set for your honey. Martha Stewart creates the look below with a few easy steps, but if you’re not much into DIY, a simple knot in a beautiful gold rope or ribbon could create the same effect.



We do believe it’s important to say ‘I Love You’ all year round. However, in this culture of busyness, it’s nice to have a day that reminds us to stop and send the roses (or jewelry as the case may be) to remind someone we are thinking of them. And don’t forget, to treat yourself.


Susan Shaw

P.S. find our Love Knot Collection in stores now and @ Lauren London.

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