Behind the Scenes: The Buffalo Nickel

Susan Shaw has been designing jewelry with beautiful antique coins for quite some time, and most of the designs use French currency that is no longer in circulation (since the move to the Euro). These French coins can be made into molds for manufacturing. So what makes the buffalo nickel collection any different? American tender never loses its value, making any reproduction a federal crime- counterfeiting! So in order to make this line, each coin is an actual buffalo nickel- worth 5 cents anywhere in the USA! However, upon acquiring these coins, Susan Shaw company has found them to be worth a lot more.


Many coin collectors search all over and pay top dollar for some of the rare dates of the buffalo nickel. They were only produced from 1913-1938. Most of our coins are from the 1930s, although you may not be able to tell unless the side with the Indian head is showing (like in the bracelets below) since only that side displays the date.


When purchasing these coins from antique dealers and coin collectors, our staff must go through each one to ensure it is in good condition to be made into a piece of jewelry. They cannot be polished or cleaned or they will lose their beauty and value.


The process makes each bracelet, earring or necklace with a buffalo nickel truly one-of-a-kind.



The cufflinks below would make a wonderful gift to any American History buff.



We take great great care in the making of all of our jewelry. All components are manufactured in the USA and the jewelry is handmade in our office in San Antonio, Texas.  That being said, we thought the history in this particular collection was worth spotlighting. We hope you think so too.


Susan Shaw Jewelry

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