Keep Rockin’ the Geodes

The Geode trend may not be anything new (Susan Shaw started her Druzy Quartz collection back in 2013), but it has certainly proved it’s staying power.  It is fun to watch a trend like this stick around long enough to transform into something classic. Today we’re showcasing some of our jewelry and home decor favorites using geodes like Quartz, Amethyst, and Agate.

Susan Shaw Druzy Quartz Jewelry

In a world of mass production, we find it refreshing to see people leaning towards natural pieces, each made by the earth, making no two alike.


These one-of-a-kind quartz pieces don’t just make for beautiful jewelry for ourselves, but for our homes as well.  The druzy quartz jewelry below fits right in on these natural quartzite countertops.


See how well these giant geodes mix with the blue and white chinoiserie in this armoire?


And this quartz geode set on a acrylic base makes a perfect bookend for antique books.


You can dress up your coffee table or dresser with geode slice coasters, quartz-topped boxes and raw stones like the ones below.



Other than the classic quartz pieces, Amethyst has been a staple in the geode category as well. The Susan Shaw amethyst pieces below are stunning mixed with our handcast 24 karat gold.


Small geode accents like these votives found on Horchow are as elegant as they are interesting.


And this large statement lamp by Times Two Design is breathtaking.

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Hot on the geode scene (and more recent addition to the Susan Shaw line) is Agate. The jewelry below is made with hand knotted fire agate and has some druzy quartz pieces mixed in as well.


This setup from Better Homes & Gardens showcases some beautiful agate pieces. It’s no surprise they mix well with these branches and petrified wood. Geodes are like the Earth’s formal jewelry.


This look is so appealing, it has inspired artwork like these photographic pieces found on Wisteria, creating a striking addition to this bar.


And this painting we found on One Kings Lane is also inspired by the beauty of Agate.


Going on 3 years this trend in jewelry and home decor has been growing and changing, but never fading. So if you were wondering if this geode trend will stick around, we say keep on rockin’…


Susan Shaw Jewelry

P.S. Find our Agate and Geode jewelry in stores now and online at @ One Kings Lane


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