Under the Sea

Summer is drawing near and it’s a perfect time to highlight the trend we have been seeing with coral and shells in fashion and home decor. One of the main reasons we started this blog was to show the parallels between the fashion world, which drives our jewelry design, and the interior design world as they seem to follow the same trends. And this trend led us to these beautiful pink coral and shell jewelry collections. Below are some of our pieces including genuine polished pink coral, genuine branch coral accents, and mother of pearl pendants.

Mother of pearl is the name given to the iridescent substance found in the interior lining of shells.


Susan’s home has always featured shells. Much like the picture of Susan and her husband, Eric, vacationing below, the shells and coral remind them of the tranquility the ocean brings.


This shell-encrusted chest in Susan’s entry is a stunning first impression for visitors.


Coral and shells are not just for decorating a beach house, they are art formed by the ocean for all of us to display and admire.


You can find many ways to display coral, like this Regina Andrews lamp from One Kings Lane, all over your favorite home decor stores. The acrylic base is such sleek modern addition to these natural formations.

courtesy of One Kings Lane

Susan used an acrylic base as well to accent her blue coral piece.


This white coral piece adds interest to the chic coffee table below.

Screenshot 2016-04-19 08.42.45
Courtesy of Houzz.com

One way Susan likes to use her shells is in the base of planers around her home.



Clam shell bowls are also part of the sea life trend. You can see how they add beauty to a side table or bar.

photo curtesy of Coastal Living
photo courtesy of Coastal Living
from Wisteria.com

Just like coral can be the perfect accent in your home, our pink coral can be the perfect accent to any summer outfit. You can find our pink coral pieces with your favorite Susan Shaw intaglios and our mother of pearl pieces accented with gorgeous handcast gold pieces.


coffee table book in Susan’s home

So go ahead, be Shell Chic!


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