Dear Mom, I Love You

So it’s that time of year again! You know, the holiday when you need to get a gift and/or card but your mom can’t help you because it’s for her? It’s Mother’s Day! Coming to a home near you May 8th- so don’t forget! And in case your mom wants something more than an eye roll, read on…


Hint: Flowers and jewelry are always a step in the right direction. Any moms reading this? Feel free to forward these images to your well-meaning children. (They even have retail links embedded!)


While all of Susan Shaw’s designs are perfect gifts, we singled out the initials collection and our pieces with pearls for that loving woman running your life in your life.


Now whoever said being a mom is the most rewarding job you’ll ever have, wasn’t talking about the gifts on Mother’s Day. No. We all know it’s about a lot more. Moms just need a day for her children to stop and remember that they have given you life, love, and more care than they probably give themselves.


You may not realize until you’re all grown up how much your mom has given to make your life possible and to give you everything she knew you needed. Maybe you have children of your own and that’s when it hits you. By that time you will be dealing with some of the exact same trouble you gave your parents…what goes around… comes back as your child 🙂


So make a day of it! Take your mom to lunch! Let her get dressed up and enjoy a cellphone-free conversation with you. Better yet, bring this gorgeous necklace below- just come up right behind her, she will see it with those eyes in the back of her head!


Whatever you do, just make her feel special like you know she deserves. Say “sorry” (I mean there is something you must have done) and say “thank you”.



And remember if all else fails write your mom this note: “Dear Mom, I love you.” That is really all she wants to hear.


Susan Shaw Jewelry

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