Gardens In Bloom

A garden can serve so many purposes in our lives. It can be a momentary escape from our task lists, computer screens and phones or a beautiful backdrop for an evening gathering of family and friends.  Scientists have been touting for years the importance of connecting with nature to your physical and mental health and many cities are now prioritizing the importance of growing their green spaces to bring together communities a tourists alike.  For Susan Shaw, gardens can provide inspiration to her designs, so it makes sense she would surround herself with beautiful landscapes at home and in her travels.

At Susan’s home in San Antonio, Texas you can find a gorgeous garden and patio, perfect for inspiring her creations.


Susan and her husband Eric thoroughly enjoy their outdoor space. Many times you can find them playing around this fountain with their granddaughters.



The statues and sculptures are as delicately placed as each planting in their yard to create an oasis of positive energy and artistic stimulation.


Their courtyard is the perfect backdrop for summer nights spent cooking dinner on the grill, and when the sun goes down, the lights on the patio provide a warm glow for evening conversations.


IMG_1311IMG_1305Jewelry that is inspired by nature is the perfect pick for your summer evening spent at a garden party or dining al fresco. Can we get a seat at that table on the cover of Carolyne Roehm’s book please! 🙂


Roses and Peonies in Carolyne Roehm’s cutting garden


Of course Susan is not the only designer inspired by nature. In fact, the floral trend has been taking over the fashion world lately and can be found on nearly every runway.


Pair your Susan Shaw jewelry with a floral print dress and you are ready for an elegant summer evening.



If gardens are fuel for the soul, you can see how new ideas are blooming every day. So don’t hesitate to wander outside- be it at your home, around your neighborhood, or in your local park- to find what might inspire you.



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