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Shapes like the Gothic Quatrefoil, Moroccan Arabesque, and the Scallop have been around for centuries we know, but they came back into the modern design world years ago and their popularity has certainly not been waning. Susan Shaw has been using variations of these shapes for years in her jewelry design and also around her home. These quatrefoil pendant necklaces below lay atop a Moroccan-inspired fabric Susan has, showcasing the beautiful lines of these shapes.IMG_1481

The fabric, which she used on these pillows, are an eye-catching addition to her poolside lounge area.IMG_1480

The definition of quatrefoil is a symmetrical shape which forms the overall outline of four partially overlapping circles. So, just like the arabesque and scallop, it is a geometric shape based on the curves of a circle (as opposed to containing only straight lines). Perhaps one of the reasons these shapes continue to be so popular in design is that they marry the best of two worlds; the eye-catching contrast of a geometric shape and the softness and subtly of the curve.FullSizeRender_2

These quatrefoil chairs by Hickory Chair are a beautiful example of using a classic shape to make something modern.



This mirror below showcases the quatrefoil in this glamorous combination of black and gold.


Susan had used many variations of these shapes in the jewelry line using handcast metal as well as tortoise pieces.


This intricate quatrefoil Susan has paired with freshwater pearls and cotton pearls in this photo below stands out wonderfully against the wallpaper which Susan has in her home. We love the french blue with striking gold!


The french blue and gold combination is stunning in this wallpaper as well, which features the overlapping quatrefoil shapes to create a scalloped pattern. Notice how the Moroccan patterned pillow mixes so nicely in this bedroom!


The scallop wallpaper and chair below remind us that scallop pattern originated with the shell. What a divine place to take a seat!


Another major trend right now is a scallop-like pattern that resembles fish scales. Some call this repeated shape an Ogee (which is basically any shape with a convex and concave curve).  We are seeing this pattern in furniture like this gorgeous media piece below by Bernhardt, and this fabulously modern chair by Selemat.


This shape is also quite popular in tile as you can see in this bathroom below. The mixture of the curves in the tile and the mirror with the straight lines in the modern hardware makes this bathroom so dynamic and beautiful.



You may now find yourself noticing these shapes and patterns everywhere! Do you have a favorite? We couldn’t possibly chose!



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