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The Susan Shaw Tribal Collection is here! The African tribal look continues to be a trend we are seeing in the world of fashion and interior design. The attention to detail and eye-catching patterns are what make this handmade look so unique and desirable. Susan Shaw has always valued the handmade look, making many of her own molds, so the tribal beads we have included in this collection seemed like a perfect fit for our line.tribal4

The Tabular brass beads (as seen mixed in to the top left and middle necklace above) are all one-of-a-kind. The lost wax process used to make these require a mold be made for each individual bead, which is then destroyed in order to extract the finished bead. So, while some beads look similar, none are the exact same. Once we receive these brass beads, we have them plated in our 24kt gold and hand-strung into our necklace designs.


The string of recycled glass beads seen in aqua in the photo above are made of powdered glass from broken bottles and other scrap glass that has been ground down and then melted into shape. The string of vertical painted beads in the photo below are also made of the recycled glass, but in this case the glass is painted with designs such as the circular shapes and patterns you see here. These beads are all made by hand in West Africa and the sale of these beads to companies in the US helps to support emerging economies while sustaining the livelihood of the native artisans who work so hard to make them.


Susan uses these colored glass beads, brass beads, and painted beads along with natural agate, wood, painted bone, and some of our signature gold pieces to create something truly unique while still staying true to the chic look our line has always had.


Of course we aren’t the only ones keen to this look. The fashion world has also embraced the unique tribal look. Valentino dedicated their Spring/Summer 2016 runway show to the African tribal theme, displaying craftsmanship that was well appreciated.

Valentino Spring 2016

Valentino Spring 2016
The mix of tribal prints and conservative structure make this dress below a beautiful interpretation of the look.

Talbot Runhof Tribal Print Dress courtesy of Neiman Marcus
Tribal motifs are also wildly popular in interior design. Whether the look is an all-over theme in a room, or just used as an accent piece, it adds interest wherever it goes.

The natural light on the stark white furniture and walls mixes so well with the African textiles like this bright woven rug.

And the tribal print pillows, throws, and hides in the room below create so much interest along with the ornate moldings and other vintage characteristics of the space.

This staircase runner, inspired by the centuries-old traditional African mud cloth, mixes so well next to the modern artwork.

So no matter what the style in your home, tribal accents can enhance it. We just love the fabrics below, which come in custom color ways to suit your needs and create the one-of-a-kind look that is so true to the African artisan.

Le Manach Fabrics
We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we have enjoyed crafting it.


And when it comes to trying out the tribal look, we suggest you go wild!


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