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Our collection of intaglios are a core part of the Susan Shaw Jewelry line. An intaglio is defined as a small etching (in any surface or material) that creates a raised picture. Intaglios are typically created to be used to stamp with ink or wax, but the beauty of these little etchings made them something to collect and display in your home (or around your neck as jewelry in this case!) Some of our two-tone intaglio necklaces are shown below, including the ever-popular Bee and Fleur de Lis symbols.

IMG_3910-1 copy

When Susan first designed these she was inspired by the old wax seals we used to use on envelopes. In fact, the first of her intaglios were molded from actual antique wax seals similar to the one pictured below.


As time went on, she started to create her own molds in order to involve some more modern symbols, like the ones below from our Equestrian collection.

IMG_3911 copy

The newest addition to our intaglio collection are the Venetian glass intaglios. You can see below the molds are the same as our metal intaglios, but the glass gives a whole new looks to these etchings.



This new venetian glass collection will also include some of our European coins as you can see below on the freshwater pearls.


Italian glass seemed fitting to the origin of Intaglios. In 18th century Italy and Greece, these intaglios were souvenirs, gathered throughout one’s travels. Perfect  for those that couldn’t afford to buy large statues or artwork, they would instead pick one of these miniature engraved plaster stamps, depicting a scene from their journey, and keep it in a journal with notes about what they had seen.  Now these little treasures have made their way into antique shops and it has become a growing trend to frame them in a collection on your wall.  You can see some beautiful examples below.



These intaglios may be small, but the history behind them is not.

Whether in your home or in your jewelry, Susan Shaw gives Intaglios our stamp of approval.


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