Shades of White

The use of white and natural color palettes has been on the top of the trend list for years now. Interior design, one of our favorite places to look for inspiration, is a perfect example of how neutrals can really shine. Susan Shaw uses white and natural tones frequently in our gold jewelry. Be it pearls, white turquoise, or white druzy quartz, the light tones are chic in their simplicity. This jewelry can bring a subtle elegance to your monochromatic look or pair well with the bold color or pattern you are wearing.whites4We get so many questions about our White Turquoise stones (pictured in the jewelry below). Genuine Turquoise gets its color from iron or copper with varying degrees of vibrancy. In the outer edges of the Turquoise mine, the stone is found with almost no color. In the past, this Turquoise without color was thrown out or dyed to match. Recently, however, there has been a demand on this “White Turquoise” in it’s natural form- a beautiful white stone with brown veins running through it. We find it to be a truly unique look.img_4440The mix of whites and natural tones is not only prevalent in jewelry, but is increasingly popular in interior design. This color palette can be successful for many different reasons. White tones can be as bold as rich colors! See how the stark white chairs catch your eye against the natural fiber rugs in the seating area below?all-white-living-room-with-seagrass-rug-beautiful-coastal-all-white-living-room-with-seagrass-rug-allwhitelivingroom-seagrassrug-j-k-kling-associates-interior-designMany designers love to use white in the kitchen for a crisp clean look. These glass cabinets set on windows are fabulous! They allow in more natural light to play off the white tones in the kitchen, giving the space an energizing feel.101507083-jpg-rendition-largestLayering multiple neutral colors with white creates a look that is soft and elegant. But what makes white really shine? Light. There is really no better way to showcase the true beauty of natural light than the use of whites. And when the sun goes down, indoor lighting will have its own chance to shine, keeping the tones in an all white room changing throughout the day so you’ll never be bored.
gallery-1448310622-white-benjamin-moore-color-of-the-yearWhen employing a monochromatic color scheme, texture plays a big part in keeping things interesting. Our tribal jewelry mixes many different textures in neutral tones to make one cohesive design. whites2Geodes like our druzy quartz provide texture where needed as well. Lack of color does not have to mean lack of depth or lack of interest.whiteshelfTake this room below as an example of how a neutral color scheme can be bold and extremely chic. The many textures at play in this room are what make the design work so well. The white fur stools pop in contrast with the natural fiber rug and luxe gray velvet white fur also happens to contrast nicely against our 24kt gold and white turquoise pieces.whites3There are many ways to use whites and natural colors to create successful design. So don’t think of white as boring vanilla, but instead see the different shades and natural tones as your rainbow!whites1Would you try this white look in your home? Or does keeping it clean make you nervous? If the white couch isn’t for you, stick to the white jewelry! At least you know it won’t hold a stain.


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