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Coins have been used in jewelry long before we were in business, but it is one of the trends we love to see change and grow. Coins can add an aspect of history, a vintage look or just make your jewelry a little more interesting. We get asked about our coins all the time so here are some of the highlights of our coin collections and how they are made.


Many of the vintage French, Roman, and English coins that are out of circulation, can be made into molds and plated in our handcast metals. Recently, we even made a French coin out of venetian glass (as you can see below)!


Other coins that are still in circulation, like the buffalo nickel, cannot be replicated without being considered counterfeit. In this case, we collect genuine buffalo nickels and use those in our pieces. So in theory if you were 5 cents short on your grocery bill, you could use our buffalo nickel jewelry to cover your debts. However, we certainly don’t recommend that!!coin2

We love to pair our coins with different stones like the freshwater pearls and blue lapis below to create the unique look we are known for. In some cases, Susan adds intaglios to the molds to create a one-of-a-kind coin for her customers. You can see an example of that in the horse coin below.


With so many variations, you can start your own kind of coin collection!


Are you into the coin look? Show us the money!!


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