Fanciful Filigree

Filigree is defined as delicate ornamental work of twisted gold, silver, or other metal. While the overall feel of filigree remains the same, the individual designs can be vastly different. We think this opportunity to choose something unique is what makes filigree jewelry so appealing to customers. While many fashion trends celebrate minimalism, this trend is anything but. Our line of filigree pieces range in design so you are sure to find the perfect complement to your outfit or occasion. 


Below are some examples of the many different forms of filigree in our line. Each with a different look and feel.


The tortoise filigree pieces below are a unique addition to the line.


The inspiration for filigree can be found in many places like lace clothing or intricate patterns in fabrics, but one we find most interesting is in the ornate iron work of gates. Throughout Europe you’ll find landmark buildings surrounded in these iron pieces of art.



See how the pendant of the necklace below mimics the fanciful look of European gilded iron work?


All throughout the South, iron balconies adorn homes, adding a level of interest and sophistication to the home’s exterior much like filigree jewelry brings to the person wearing it.



The jewelry below was photographed in Susan’s garden to showcase how the fanciful filigree really shines in a natural setting.



We just think these ornate designs are the best! Do you fil-agree?


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