Deep in the Blues

Why will blue never go out of style?  Because there are endless shades in the sky and in the varying depths of the oceans, and it’s in our nature to love these things that surround us. So what shade is your favorite? Ours currently is Indigo. Deep blues are trending and we are loving it! Our Sodalite stone below is so rich and bold you can’t help but love it.fullsizerender_1Blue Lapis is another stone you can find in our line to give that rich blue you crave.fullsizerender_3Deep blues are trending in the home just as they are in fashion. The richness of this color is highlighted exceptionally well in lacquered walls. The two rooms below have very different looks and yet both rely on the boldness of the deep blue.110

1455008323308Another great way to showcase the richness of a deep blue? A rich fabric like velvet. Check out the gorgeous blue velvets below. 8b677bc942dc

blue-velvet-tufted-sofa-620x410Can we point out the beautiful combination that the gold and deep blue make? They compliment each other in the home as well as in our jewelry.

fullsizerenderThe blue and gold color combination made for a new look at our family’s holiday table this year.img_3570Another place we are seeing this fabulous deep blue trend? Kitchen cabinets. When it comes to stainless appliances, nickel or even brass hardware, it all works when you go bold in your cabinets.indigo-blue-freshome-21And can we talk about this marble hood in Brooklyn Decker’s kitchen below? It would not pop nearly as well against any old cabinet color. The blue is key.image1Blue and white is a classic we all know (just look at the bedroom below)!blue-and-white-bedroom-dominomagBut there are so many more color combos that mix with blue to make a statement worthy of your fabulous home or your equally fabulous outfit. fullsizerender_4

So don’t sing the blues, unless it’s in a good way!


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  1. Love the other pieces the lapis and the smoky blue big beaded necklaces….where can I purchase those items

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