Cross Culture

There are so many versions of the cross as well as many reasons for wearing it- some religious of course, but many people enjoy cross jewelry without religious ties. Susan Shaw has always included many crosses in the jewelry line. We want to highlight some of the classic crosses and some of the newer modern versions. We would love to continue to see this trend grow and change in the years to come.cross3One of the versions of the cross we use in the line is the Maltese cross. This shape, which you can see below, is an 8-point cross said to have originated in the 15th century by the Knights of the Order of St. John and the island of Malta. Fast forward to the 1920’s when Fulco di Verdura and Coco Chanel were traveling Europe in search of inspiration and were taken aback by the beauty of the Maltese Cross. When Chanel included it in her jewelry line, she most likely didn’t realize it would become a classic symbol in her company as well as a huge the influence in the fashion world as whole. maltese_cross_resized

Since then we have seen many variations on this cross in the jewelry world and the Susan Shaw line is no exception. You can see some of the pieces below.

Another variation on the cross that Susan came up with is the shape you see on the necklace below which is made up of four crosses surrounding a middle stone. This interpretation of the cross has been very popular.cross1Another version of this design included four Fluer de Lis (seen in the middle necklace below). cross5Many of our pendants do feature the traditional cross, and we love bringing this symbol to our fellow Christian customers. We also have found over the years that many people who don’t have ties to the Christian faith enjoy wearing the cross perhaps because of it’s historical significance or for other individual reasons they find it appealing. On the freshwater necklace below you can see our newest medium, the glass coin, shown below with the cross symbol. cross6The cross trend in jewelry doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and just seems to get more interesting as the years go by. So we will keep creating the new and honoring the traditional as long as our customers appreciate the art of the cross.

We’d love to hear the reason you may be drawn to the cross jewelry!


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