The Midas Touch

One of the most recognizable qualities about Susan Shaw jewelry is definitely our gold pieces. The handmade molds Susan creates provide the unique look we are known for. Once a mold is designed and made by Susan, it is then hand dipped in 24kt gold before being made into piece of jewelry by one of our talented jewelry makers. Her ideas literally turn to gold- how neat is that?!gold1-copy

Gold can be the perfect accent to your outfit, whether it’s an intricate statement piece or a simple and classic gold chain.gold5

However, fashion is not the only area in which gold can shine. Gold accents in the home are popular as ever right now. The gold hardware in the kitchen below warms up and brightens the all white decor.screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-10-33-30-am

How beautiful is the oven below?! It is like artwork for the kitchen!

Another way to use gold in your home that is on trend right now is in metallic wallpapers. These examples below will having you wanting to dress up your walls- and even your ceilings!screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-10-37-34-am



Not all gold is shiny and new. Antique gold pieces can add so much to your home. This photo from Susan’s home shows some of her gorgeous antique gold accents.gold6

These intricate Susan Shaw pieces photographed on another antique table in Susan’s home are designed in a style reminiscent of exquisite french antiques.gold2

These quatrefoil and fleur de lis pieces shown on the same table demonstrate this French look beautifully.gold1

Whether you like the intricate antique look or the modern clean lines, you’ll find gold accents may be the key to styling your home…or your outfit!

We say go for the gold!!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

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