The Elegance of Pearls

When you think of classic, elegant jewelry, its likely that pearls will come to mind. You may feel as we do, that you just can’t go wrong with a string of pearls.  Beyond the classic necklace or stud earrings, the world is filled with a variety of interesting ways to wear pearls. Layering different strands and mixing in golds and pendants is a trend we are seeing quite often lately and our pieces with freshwater pearls below are perfect for it!We also work with Mother of Pearl to create this beautifully crafted look. These shells in the photo are the exact type we use to cut the pieces to be inlaid into the gold jewelry below.We know pearls come in all shapes an sizes. The coin shape you see below is a great mix of modern and traditional.Recently we have started working with Baroque pearls. These large and misshapen pearls create a unique look that our customers crave.  Each pearl has been naturally formed and instead of casting out the imperfect, we are celebrating them in this new collection.We love pearls around our necks, but what about pearls around the home? Yes! We’re seeing it all the time now! Many decorative accessories are made up of mother of pearl. Mirrors, trays, boxes, etc. can add so much to your room.This wallpaper made from little sheets of mother of pearl is extremely special and unique.Whether it’s in your home or with your outfit, we agree with Jackie Kennedy who said, “Pearls are always appropriate.”

So whether it’s modern or traditional, there are so many ways to incorporate pearls in your style. Have fun with it!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

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