Traveling in Style

We all love to look our best on vacation, but we may not want to bring our finest jewelry. Many people feel uncomfortable bringing fine jewelry like diamonds, pearls or other gems set in solid gold or platinum when they venture beyond the comforts of home. We’ve had many of our customers tell us that our jewelry is the perfect blend of high-end quality without the extraordinary price tag that comes with fine jewelry, making it great jewelry to travel with!

Our genuine Freshwater pearls and mother of pearl stones are a great way to look chic without spending a fortune or risk losing irreplaceable jewelry on vacation.

Travel safety aside, solid gold and silver jewelry can cost thousands and that isn’t always in the budget. Our process of hand dipping our jewelry in 24kt gold and sterling silver assures you won’t be sacrificing quality while leaving room in the budget for other things- like more jewelry!?

Do you leave your fine jewelry at home when you travel? If so don’t sacrifice style for safety when you can pack some of your fabulous Susan Shaw jewelry instead!

Safe travels to all!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

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