Susan Shaw Signature Style

All artists and designers need a signature look. Monet’s water lilies, Chanel’s pearls, or Jackie O’s large sunglasses. After designing jewelry for over 35 years, Susan has cultivated her own signature look as well.  Many of our customers recognize our jewelry in shops they’ve never shopped at, in cities they’ve never been to, without tags or logo recognition given to Susan Shaw. So what is it? We will let the photos do the talking.One feature that distinguishes our jewelry is the handmade molds Susan creates. The unique look of each piece is what sets our jewelry apart from other machine-made jewelry components.Pearls have always been a part of the line, though in many different shapes and styles. From the freshwater pearls that Susan works into this cross pendant below, to the mother-of-pearl teardrop earrings and to the newer pearl tassels she has created, the look has a way of staying with the trends and remaining classic at the same time.
Cotton pearls are another thing Susan Shaw is known for. These lightweight paper maché spun pieces are a signature medium to the line, and sought out by many.For years we have been working with Genuine Turquoise and working it in with our handcast gold and silver components. This combination elevates turquoise to a dressier look.  Susan is also known for her use of coins. She finds interesting coins with historical value- coins that haven’t been in circulation since the Euro- and works them into her molds to create pieces that are as interesting as they are beautiful. French influences have always played a part in Susan’s life and tastes, and her designs show this as well. She’s always been able to put her own spin on the chic looks you see in Paris.  Even once you have found your look, every designer needs to keep updating, creating, and adding new things that fit in with their style. These labradorite stones, baroque pearls, and threader earrings  have been great updates to the line.
Another great update? Taking the coins and intaglio pieces we are known for in handcast gold and making them in Venetian glass. This is sure to be a look that we will come to be known for.

Out of all the classics and new adaptations, what’s your favorite Susan Shaw look? We love bringing our customers pieces they love!


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