Shiny and New Coins

Our coin pieces have always been a highlight of the jewelry line, so we are very pleased to share our newest coin designs! Whether you are a coin enthusiast or just appreciate unique jewelry, you will love this new additions!  These new ancient Greek coins below featuring the honey bee dates back to 400 BC. These coins are complimented by the corded handcast gold setting and hangs on our genuine freshwater pearls as well as the simple handcast gold chain. 

Some of the coins below have been in the line, but the designs are all new. We love the look of this pearl and antique coin statement necklace! 

A couple of our new coin settings are featured below. They’re hanging on some of our new stones as well! The silver lace agate (left) and sea foam agate (right) are great new additions to the line.

We even have the new coins done in our venetian glass! This freshwater pearl setting compliments the sleek glass and creates a unique and elegant look. Each pearl on the pendants are set by hand into the gold setting giving it the hand made look we have become known for.Don’t worry if you have had your eye on a coin piece that’s been in our line- those are not retiring we are just adding new styles! For example, these antique Lira have been in our line for a couple of years, and are not going anywhere!

Are you flipping for the coins as much as we are?


Susan Shaw Jewelry

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