Spotlight on Key West, Florida

While Spring seems to be in no hurry to arrive, we have already began to daydream about tropical places. So it seems like a perfect time to spotlight one of our favorite destinations, the charming island of Key West. Their sunny beaches and warm weather are exactly what we need right now!

Other than going to the beach, there are many things to do in Key West. One of the most popular landmarks is the southernmost point of the island, which happens to also be the southernmost point of the United States. Across the water there is only 90 miles from this point to the shores of Cuba. Its a great place to grab a selfie, but the downside is the super long lines.

Another popular spot is the former home of Ernest Hemingway. You can tour this home and museum where Hemingway resided in the 1930s. Legend has it that you also might find some cats roaming the grounds that descended from Hemingway’s 6-toed cat. So check out those paws!

The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum

While you’re on the museum tour, don’t miss the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum- this also happens to be where to find our jewelry!

200 Greene Street 
Key West, Florida 33040
305.294.2633 •

The museum was founded by Mel Fisher and houses the many artifacts and treasures he and others discovered from 17th century shipwrecks. The exhibits from each shipwreck are incredible- definitely a worth while experience for any tourist! Another unique thing about the museum is that their artifact conservation lab is open to the public. So you can tour the lab and see how they preserve artifacts- so cool!

Now you don’t want to miss the gift shop in the museum. This is where you will find a beautiful collection of gifts and accessories, including Susan Shaw Jewelry. Below are some pieces you might find there that would be perfect for your coastal vacation wardrobe.

Our genuine coral pieces are so beautiful and unique. Whether its pink coral or red, it mixes so perfectly with our handcast gold.

Another material you might find under the sea, our Venetian sea glass, gets a glamorous touch when the intaglios are mixed with freshwater pearls. What perfect accessories for your night out in Key West.

The vintage coins and pearls in the pieces below remind us of something that might have been discovered in a ship wreck. In fact, there are many rare coins in the Mel Fisher Maritime Museum as well!

Our blue agate stones pair perfectly with the various unique pendants below. I can see lunching in Key West in any one of these necklaces.

After a day of sightseeing, you are sure to find just the right spot on Duval Street, the heart of the nightlife and bar scene in Key West. Some of the bars, like Sloppy Joe’s have been around since the day prohibition was repealed in 1933.

We hope you find Key West to be as charming are we do. For a 3-mile island, it sure packs in the culture, cuisine, and history alongside its sunny beaches.

Safe Travels,

Susan Shaw Jewelry

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