Color of the Year: Living Coral

We love following the Pantone Color trends and we’re on the edge of our seat with each new Color of the Year. This year Living Coral was named as the color of the year and we are loving it!

We have had genuine coral in our line for years, but it’s always fun to give it a fresh look. We have lots of coral peices to show you and many beautiful ways to use the color of the year in your home decor.

Traditionally, coral is thought to be a coastal color and there is nothing wrong with that when it’s the look you are going for. But, when it came out as the color of the year, it gave everyone the ok to bring the color into their traditional interior design as well. The elegant dining room below gets a fresh look with this coral wallpaper.

This office space uses coral in a very bold way with the lacquer shelves. What a happy place to work!

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to incorporate the color in your decor, check out the kitchen below that mixes coral and blush pink so successfully.

Here’s another beautiful mix of coral and blush with a more modern result.

Speaking of blush and coral, our genuine pink coral is really a beautiful and dynamic stone with these two colors in it.

Here is more of our pink coral- with an intaglio for everyone!

In addition to the color coral, we also see genuine coral formations used in interior design. No one does this better than our own Susan Shaw. Below are some photos of her home and her use of coral and shells to create an elegant look. We love how the white coral mixes with the blue and white!

This stunning shell chest was made by an artist in Newport Beach- what intricate work went into it! Its perfectly paired with the coral print above in Susan’s entry.

While the color of the year is more pinky coral, the red color of these genuine coral pieces will never go out of style.

We leave you with one more image of a fabulous use of the color of the year. What we wouldn’t give to be on this patio now, lemonade in hand!

Are you into Living Coral for your home and jewelry? Or do you prefer save it for the coastal look?


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