It’s Only Natural

Natural Rattan furniture and decor is not exactly new on the scene, but we just love how people are using it to style their interiors now. Rattan used to be just for outdoor areas or boho looks but we are seeing it pop up in every style of decor and it sure adds a warmth and texture wherever it goes. Our new rattan jewelry pieces are no different! Mixed with our hand cast metals, mother of pearl and fun colored tassels, the new rattan collection is a must-have for summer!

Susan has designed some truly unique pieces in the new rattan collection and they are so lightweight! We love the rattan mixed with these shell components below!

So how do you use rattan in your home without it looking dated? Start with one or two pieces in a room. The texture will add dimension to the space, but too many pieces could overwhelm and change the look of your room. The rattan coffee table below is such a great choice for this traditional seating area.

The rattan dining chairs below really shine when mixed with modern decor in this dining room below.

We love this chic entry accented with a collection of rattan accessories. Very successful design!

Another beautiful all- white dining area is warmed up by these gorgeous rattan dining chairs.

Although we love the mixing whites and neutrals together for a monochromatic look, we can’t forget how great naturals look with color! These fun tassels below are so perfect for summer!

The vibrant green hues below are so perfect with the rattan chairs in this open-air seating room.

The cool blues and natural tones of rattan mimic the colors of the beach- no wonder we are loving it so much!

These geometric pieces below are the perfect mix of natural and modern.

Are you a fan of rattan? We sure are!


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