Spotlight on Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Winston-Salem is known as the “City of the Arts and Innovation” for it’s dedication to fine arts and theater as well as it’s involvement in technological research. Many know Winston-Salem for being the home of Wake Forest University, and although the university adds so much to the town by way of its medical programs etc., Winston-Salem has so much more to offer beyond the typical college town. You’d be surprised about the variety of things of do in the city. We will highlight a few of those as well as letting you know where to find Susan Shaw Jewelry in town!

One of the first things we think of when we think of Winston-Salem, is its rich history. You can find so much interesting history at Bethabara Park, the earliest Moravian settlement in the Piedmont, established in 1753. The park is on a 183-acre wildlife preserve with 126 species of birds. You can tour the settlement with guides in period costumes adding another level of fun to the experience.

A side of the city that may be less known to visitors is the tech side. Winston-Salem is becoming a prominent area for scientific research and companies in the nanotech, high-tech and bio-tech fields. A fun way for young visitors to experience science is at a place called Kaledium, which was a collaboration of the Winston-Salem children’s museum and SciWorks (an interactive science museum). Kaledium offers experiences in the natural and physical sciences within its seven indoor science halls, its traveling exhibits hall, the 50-foot/119-seat domed Planetarium, and outside in its Environmental Park habitats (including the ever-popular barnyard).

For the older (21 and up) visitors, a day trip to the Yadkin Valley wine country may be in order. Less than an hour from Winston-Salem is over a million acres of wine country called the Yadkin Valley. It is home to more than 35 wineries and vineyards, making it a great place to visit!

Also in the Yadkin Valley, Pilot Mountain is spectacular sight to see. The mountain rises 2,000 feet seemingly out of nowhere. It is a national park at the summit and it is also home to many trails, campsites, rock-climbing sites and is adjacent to the Yadkin River. This beautiful landscape is definitely worth seeing if you are looking for a day trip.

Now to our favorite part of every trip… shopping! Hanes Mall is huge shopping mall with 128 stores, making it one of the largest malls in North Carolina. But just down the road you can find a truly unique store called Salem Creek, which started as a small antique shop and has grown to include home decor, gifts, apparel, jewelry and accessories as well as a gourmet food shop! It truly has it all – including our jewelry- making it a can’t-miss for your shopping list.

Salem Creek

694 Hanes Mall Blvd. • Winston-Salem, NC  27103

336-760-1717 •

Another can’t-miss boutique is Kim Taylor & Company. Located in the heart of Winston-Salem, they offer Home Decor, Furniture, Gifts, as well as apparel and, of course, Susan Shaw Jewelry! In addition to all of this, they also function as an interior design studio with wonderful fabrics and wallpapers to chose from. We are always honored to be included in shops like these, that pull together an inventory of items each clearly picked with exquisite taste.

Kim Taylor & Company

153 S Stratford Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27104

(336) 722-8503 •

Here are a few of our pieces you might find while shopping in these Winston-Salem boutiques. The flowers, leaves and bees are so perfect for summer! And the pearls transform these bits of nature into elegant pieces perfect for your chic summer wardrobe.

The coins used in the jewelry below carry historical significance just like the town of Winston-Salem itself! Many are made from European coins no longer in circulation, making them as interesting as they are beautiful.

Many of our customers love our jewelry for traveling. It holds up to any occasion and can help you feel put together when away from home. Not to mention, the quality of our pieces can stand up to the wear and tear jewelry sometimes gets in a travel case.

Has Winston-Salem peaked your interest? Go ahead and add it to your list of fun getaways. We know you won’t be disappointed!

Safe Travels,

Susan Shaw Jewelry

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