Shades of Blue

Today we’re looking at the different shades of blue and how beautifully they can be used in the world of jewelry and interior design. Blue is the most popular color in the world. It’s safe to say that blue will always be in vogue wherever its used because its popularity admits everyone.

The shades of blue used in this living room evoke feelings of peace, elegance, style, and timelessness. Its amazing how the right mix of blue can create a perfect aura.

Jewelry is a subtle and chic way to add blue to your everyday look. Our new matte turquoise beads are so unique. The vibrant gold and pastel blue play well off of each other making for an attractive balance.

Our Venetian glass jewelry is another stylish way to add blue to your wardrobe. These pieces of jewelry contain our signature designs etched into real Venetian glass. The stunning blue glass is surrounded by gold and just glamorous.

Light and gentle tones of blue aren’t only common in jewelry, they are also used in interior design. Many designers create the perfect atmosphere for a bathroom with lighter shades of blue. Light blues can create a relaxing and soft look which makes for a fabulous bathroom!

Navy is probably one of the most common shades of blue that we see. This heavier shade of blue is perfect when you want to add a pop of blue amongst neutrals- whether it be an outfit or a room.

Cobalt blue is the boldest shade of blue. It’s a brighter and stronger which makes it’s color have a profound appearance. The crystal pendant pieces below are new to the line and come in 5 colors! Love!

Cobalt blue is a popular color accent in jewelry and also interior design. See how the wallpaper really pops and adds dimension to this room! Cobalt blue is perfect for when you want to make an outfit or space special.

The rattan earrings below are part of another new collection. All these pieces are so fun for spring and summer!

Are you a fan of the blues?! We hope that you love our new unique blue Susan Shaw pieces!


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