Spotlight on the Four Seasons Santa Barbara

Our travel spotlight shines on a luxury resort that has been offering guests a 5-star experience in Santa Barbara since 1927. The Four Seasons Resort, also referred to as The Biltmore Santa Barbara, is a breathtaking property with 207 hotel accommodations and fabulous Spanish Colonial architecture nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. A perfect oasis to be enjoyed by all who visit. 

The Biltmore Santa Barbara was purchased by the Four Seasons group in 1987 and underwent a $305 million dollar renovation, restoring the original art-deco lighting and materials of the 1920’s and 1930’s that make this property so unique.

The dining options at the resort provide a range of atmosphere and fare that make eating every meal on site a very enjoyable option. Bella Vista, pictured above, offers authentic Italian food with a side of ocean views. The charcuterie board features meats that are cured in house, a rare experience in any restaurant. Tydes, pictured below, overlooks Butterfly Beach so diners can enjoy panoramic views while eating the high end Mediterranean fare of Chef Marco Fossati. 

The Coral Reef bar at Tydes restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy a drink before or after a wonderful meal. The bar features a 275-gallon saltwater aquarium with 450 species of life including live coral, fish and crustaceans. For daily casual meals, the property also features a poolside cafe and a juice and smoothie bar.

Activities like biking, playing tennis, golfing, and surfing can fill your days with adventure while enjoying Butterfly Beach, the resort pool or a day at the resort spa, can fill your day with rest and relaxation. Over-the-top experiences like playing volleyball with Olympic champion, Todd Rogers, or surfing alongside World Surfing champion, Tom Curren, can also be enjoyed at the resort. 

The resort’s intimate swimming pool, located among the palm trees, even features underwater music.

The grounds of this resort make it truly unique. It is 22 acres of lush jungle and tranquil gardens, making the bungalow accommodations feel private and serene. The groundskeeper, Zeke, offers guided tours introducing guests to 48 of the Resort’s rarest specimens, including Santa Barbara’s second largest tree, a Moreton Bay Fig dating back to the 1800s, and 75 different species of palm trees.

The beautiful grounds of the resort make it a picture-perfect place to host a wedding or event. This photo of Susan’s son and daughter-in-law was taken at a wedding at the Four Seasons Santa Barbara. The ocean provides the most amazing backdrop for any event. 

Of course we can’t help but mention our jewelry can be found at the resort shop. The items below are some beautiful example of the pieces they choose to carry at the Four Seasons. 

So what about Santa Barbara beyond the resort? If you must wander, we highly recommend utilizing the Four Seasons bike rentals- or even walking- to the nearby town of Montecito for some local boutiques, art galleries and restaurants. Go a bit further and you will find downtown Santa Barbara, a charming area as well. Their main road, State Street, hosts designers stores like Louis Vuitton mixed in with electic local boutiques to create a charming and fun atmosphere for visitors. You can also find many wine tasting rooms in the area. The Urban Wine Trail is a group of wineries all within blocks of downtown, pouring wines of many different varieties and styles crafted from Santa Barbara County’s best vineyards.
So if you find yourself in Santa Barbara, consider staying or at least visiting the fabulous Four Seasons Santa Barbara Resort. You won’t regret it!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Clearly Trending

Its fun to watch trends as they come and go. For the last few years we’ve seen the market for acrylic and glass pieces grow and expand in both interior design and fashion. One thing is clear, transparent furniture, home accents, and jewelry are part of a trend that is sticking around. Below are a few of our Venetian glass intaglio pieces. These Italian sea glass pieces come in clear (which has a slight greenish tint) and aqua. The intaglios come in the coin, cross, fluer de lis, horse head, and bee designs. 

Speaking of Italian glass… murano lamps, chandeliers, and home accents have also been trending in the interior design world. Whether its true Murano (made in Italy on the Venetian island of Murano) or just Murano-inspired, we love all the colored glass looks. These are vintage murano lamps below and they come with a pretty heavy price tag.

This isn’t Murano but a beautiful lamp nonetheless. Plus the price is much more manageable!

One of the great benefits of transparent home accents and furniture is that it doesn’t add any weight to the room. In this bedroom, the side table has the same functionality of a dresser or table, but the lightness of the piece allows for a chair to be brought in without it seeming too overcrowded.And of course we love the use of clear furniture when you don’t want to cover up a beautiful rug.Acrylic was also wildly popular in the 60s and 70s, so there is a market of wonderful vintage pieces to be found. And for the traditional home, there are still many ways to incorporate transparent furniture or accent pieces. Almost every type of furniture now has an acrylic counterpart. So you can find pieces in this modern material that have traditional lines. For example, this dining table has the lines of a traditional wood piece but the acrylic and glass combo brings glamour to the room.
And check out this acrylic version of a classic entry hall chest. Gorgeous!You can also do fun things to upgrade your antiques with translucent materials. This armoire in Susan Shaw’s home is a perfect example. The doors have been cut out and acrylic has been added to make it a perfect place to display items in your home. What a beauitful mix of modern and traditional!

Lately, this trend has evolved from clear to colored. Alexandra Von Furstenburg’s line of acrylic furniture includes many neon colors like in this pink console pictured below.

Here is another view of the same piece- you can see the color is only in the edges. So cool!

And we love these colored ghost chairs that we’re seeing- such a fun item to add to the mix of your home decor.

Mixing in glass and acrylic pieces is fun in your home, so think how much fun you can have mixing these glass intaglio pieces into your wardrobe!

This trend is clearly here to stay!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

P.S. Shop our Venetian Glass collection online @ShopLaurenLondon

Artistically Inspired

It is always so fun and interesting to see how works of art from another century can not only be appreciated in our time, but can go as far as to inspire a movement of modern design.  Lately we have seen designers being inspired by the cut-out shapes reminiscent of artists like Henri Matisse and Alexander Calder. Susan has been inspired as well and we are excited to show our newest collection of jewelry made with these fabulous gold abstract shapes.Henri Matisse was known primarily as a French painter in the early 1900’s. He truly help define the evolution of art in the 20th century. He used color as his foundation, and wanted his works to be calming and enjoyable instead of stuffy or depressing. In our modern world of endless tasks and busy lives, it’s no wonder the creations of someone with this philosophy would be appealing. In his early years, Matisse sometimes used cut out shapes to help himself realize the composition of a large painting, but they were not part of his final product. In his old age, he was confined in his movements and eventually bed ridden, bringing back to mind the idea of those cut-outs. He would have assistants to help him use the shapes he cut out of paper painted with gouache to create colorful collages. Many of these works pictured below are what he is most known for, and where our trend comes into play.

Alexander (Sandy) Calder was also an artist of shapes. He is known as the originator of the mobile. He would make his sculptures using organic shapes that would suspended from his balanced creation. In his early years, he created Cirque Calder, a combination of wirey figures that he would bring to art shows to demonstrate. It was said his circus grew to fill 2 large suitcases and was very popular among the French avant-garde. After this, his works moved more to the abstract, using shapes to create mobiles that responded to changing air currents and light. He also created “stabiles” as they were dubbed, that remained staionary. This is where the inspiration for Susan’s new pieces comes into play.Calder even made a few jewelry pieces of his own that are now worth tens (even hundreds) of thousands of dollars at auction.

Susan’s handmade gold shapes are inspired by Calder’s art and bring a very modern elegance to any wardrobe.

Calder’s work displayed at the National Gallery of Art

Jewelry and fashion designers may not be the only ones inspired by Alexander Calder. This sculpture below we found on has a very Calder-esque look to it.This framed birthday card was painted by Sandy Calder for his friend and fellow artist, Joan Miró. The coils you see in his eyes were also a common theme in Calder’s jewelry and sculpture works.Susan studied art in college and has always had a love for the visual arts. Her passion makes this inspiration an obvious fit. The earrings below really celebrate the cut out organic shapes Matisse and Calder made so famous in their time.The piece below, The Parakeet and the Mermaid, shows much of the style that Matisse was so well known for.The interior design community has also shown it’s love for Matisse and his works. Companies like Schumacher and Kate Zaremba make wallpapers naming Matisse as their muse. Who even needs art when this is what is on your walls?!
This lamp by Arteriors takes the Matisse look to a sculptural level.And this dishware by Bernardaud is reminiscent of The Parakeet and the Mermaid and would add a modern touch to the most elegant of dinner parties.Whether you are an art buff or not, it is hard not to appreciate the design of Susan’s new collection. So don’t be afraid to take shape with these new pieces in your wardrobe!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

P.S. Check out these brand new styles online

Spotlight on the Broadmoor

Our travel spotlight shines on one of the most iconic resorts in the country. Located in the beautiful mountain valleys of Colorado Springs, The Broadmoor resort takes over 5,000 acres of accommodations, pools, tennis courts, golf courses, and multiple wilderness camps filled with adventures for it’s guests. We haven’t even mentioned the 20 dining options on site and, of course, the gift shops and boutiques where our jewelry is sold.
The Broadmoor, originally a site for a failed dairy farm and then casino, opened its doors as a hotel in 1918 under ownership of Spencer Penrose. The hotel opened just as automobile tourism was becoming popular in the United States and they found success because Penrose was committed to enhancing the resort and attractions nearby. For example, he purchased the Manitou and Pikes Peak Cog Railwaya train that still runs over the moutain tops to the summit of Pikes Peak and includes views that literally inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write the lyrics to the song, “America the Beautiful.”Next year the Broadmoor will be celebrating their 100 year anniversary having only been under 3 different owners during that time, each of whom invested more into enhancing and updating the property than the last. The main Broadmoor complex now has nearly 800 rooms, a handful of well-regarded restaurants, three golf courses, and a variety of tennis courts and swimming pools. This year the resort received five diamonds from AAA, making it the only hotel in North America to receive AAA’s top rating every year since the awards started 41 years ago.

The Broadmoor property’s 20 dining options range from Colorado’s only Forbes Five-Star and AAA Five Diamond restaurant (the Penrose Room) to their casual cafes and lounges, all of which focus on local & sustainable ingredients for a wonderful culinary experience for their guests.

The Penrose Room

If you’re looking for a place to take a family vacation, this expansive and activity-filled property set in the beautiful Colorado mountains is the place to do it. The Broadmoor includes many family-oriented activities like horseback riding, zip-lining, and daily movie screenings, as well as children’s camps like The Bee Bunch, a summer camp where kids 3-12 can enjoy all the resort has to offer.

The B for Broadmoor has, over the years, evolved into the bumblebee becoming a symbol held dear to the hotel. In 1961, the opening of the English Pub, the Golden Bee solidified the bee symbol as a part of the property. The pub was actually transferred to The Broadmoor panel by panel, directly from the UK. You can visit the pub for delicious English fare like fish and chips as well as nightly piano sing-alongs.The resort also boasts 26 retail shops of all kinds including the stylish boutique where our jewelry can be found. Below you can see some of the pieces they may have in the resort for you to purchase on your vacation.

Some of the Bee jewelry you may find at the Broadmoor

In addition to bee jewelry, you can find our genuine freshwater pearls and handcast gold jewelry that is sure to compliment your luxury vacation wardrobe.

We are so honored to a part of this (nearly) 100 yr old property that has been called “the most unique resort in the world.”

Looking for your next vacation spot? The Broadmoor is hard to beat! Your family or group is sure to find something (or 10 things) that they love to do here- the only problem will be not wanting to leave!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Trending Tropical

You may have noticed everywhere you look you are reminded of tropical locations. Gone are the days when you had to go to the grocery store for a pineapple. Now you can find them printed on fabrics, adorning home accessories, even in barware. Palm trees and leaves are also having their day in the sun. This tropical trend isn’t brand new, we’ve seen it for a couple of years now, but it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Susan Shaw Jewelry has grown our collection of pineapple and palm intaglios  over the last couple of years and you can see many of the designs below.

The fashion world is a big fan of these tropical prints. The Valentino runway looks below are from their Resort 2017 collection.  

Pineapples and palm tree prints are also trending in these ready to wear dresses from Neiman Marcus.

Typically when we see a trend in fashion, there is a correlating trend in interior design and this is no exception. Pineapples are a symbol of hospitality, so having them in your home makes lots of sense. The pineapple cutout on this charming garden gate below gives off a welcoming vibe to all who enter.

This chic pineapple wallpaper is the perfect combination of sophistication and fun. 

Gold pineapples of all sizes can be found for your home and make the perfect accent to any shelf, table or bar (the one on the far right is a cocktail shaker!). 

This show-stopping pineapple lamp lights up a room in more ways than one.

Palm leaves and prints are also very popular in the home. The high contrast and interesting design makes a bold statement in any room.

This coffee table is part of a beautiful collection from Amanda Nisbet of furniture and lighting using these golden palm leaves. These palm leaf trays are a beautiful accent to any home decor.

You can also take this trend with you on the go with one of these fabulous cell phone cases from Nordstrom or this Swell water bottle below.

Perhaps this trend gives us an escape from reality by reminding us of tropical climates and vacation spots. 

And who says you have to get back to reality anyway? Not us. We say bring on the Tropics!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Spotlight on Swan Coach House- Atlanta, GA

Our travel spotlight shines on the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia where southern hospitality and tradition meet the cutting edge of the art world. A product of the Forward Art Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports the visual arts in Atlanta, The Swan Coach House is part art gallery, part restaurant, and part gift shop (that’s where our jewelry comes in).

Looking for a chic place to have lunch or tea with the ladies? Come to the Swan Coach House to dine with the society women of Atlanta and taste the famous Swan Favorite: chicken salad, shrimp salad and their special frozen fruit salad. Wash it down with a delightful mint julep or cup of tea.

While the restaurant is only open for lunch, many of the charming rooms can be rented out for events like luncheons, baby showers, and even weddings. 

The Swan Coach House is located on the grounds of the Atlanta History Center, a 33-acre property with historical homes, gardens, and the Atlanta History Museum. The photo below is of the Historic Swan House, the family home who’s carriage house was procured in 1967 as the Swan Coach House we know today. The main home is now part of the Atlanta History Center and is open for touring.

The Swan Coach House gift shop is a great place to browse if you find yourself waiting for a table at the popular restaurant. Our jewelry can be found among many other treasures.

While the Swan Coach House was originally opened as a restaurant, gift shop and art gallery, the gallery was expanded in 1984 beyond the footprint of the original house. The Swan Coach House Gallery hosts a variety of exhibitions that include works from nationally renowned artists, southern artists, and also notable up-and-coming artists. In 1999, the Forward Arts Foundation created the Emerging Artist Award, a yearly award for new artists in the Atlanta metro area. The winner is awarded a monetary prize was well as a solo exhibition at the gallery. 

The Swan Coach House is definitely a gem in the Atlanta area, not only for the high society of southern ladies but also for anyone looking for fresh art, historic property, and a delicious lunch spot. Check it out if you’re in the area!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Spotlight on the Kentucky Derby

Derby Day is upon us! As is tradition on the first Saturday in May, the 143rd annual Kentucky Derby will be run at Churchill Downs outside of Louisville, Kentucky May 6th.  The Kentucky Derby is the longest running sporting event in the United States, dating back to 1875.  This event is often called “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.” The winner will be awarded the garland of roses along with a large cash prize and a chance at the Triple Crown. The Triple Crown requires the horse to win the Kentucky Derby, then two weeks later win the Preakness Stakes, and then three weeks later win the Belmont Stakes.  In all of racing history, only twelve horses have achieved the Triple Crown. In 2015, American Pharaoh won a Triple Crown and was the first horse to achieve this since 1978. 

Crowds will gather this Saturday to sip mint juleps, watch the races and hope to win big on a long shot bet. The traditional fashion of the derby is southern chic- hats, pearls, and bowties are encouraged.We’ve got you covered in the pearl department at least! Below are some of our equestrian pendants on pearls, gold chains and even white turquoise.

Wondering where you can find Derby fashions in town? We have a list of local boutiques in the area that sell our jewelry as well as beautiful clothing that will make you feel fabulous on Derby day.

Two Chicks and Company (2 locations)

12121 Shelbyville Road • Louisville, KY 40243

124 Southland Drive • Lexington, KY 40503

Colonial Designs

3712 Lexington Road • Louisville, KY 40207

Cartwheels Paper and Gifts

3919 Chenoweth Square • Louisville, KY 40207


410 W Vine ST  Suite 269  • Lexington, KY 40507

If you’re in and around Louisville, you can’t miss the The Kentucky Derby Festival. This festival stretches “the most exciting two minutes in sports” into a two-week-long party! The Kentucky Derby Festival celebrates spring and the Kentucky Derby with fun and exciting events for adults and kids like Thunder of Louisville (one of the nation’s largest fireworks displays), The Pegasus Parade, a marathon, steamboat races, and much more!
Fireworks display at the Thunder Over Louisville event kicking off the Kentucky Derby Festival

Presiding over this festival is a Royal Court, including 5 princesses, who are selected from more than 100 applicants based on high grades, knowledge of the Derby Festival, poise, intelligence, personality and campus and community involvement. These young women represent the Kentucky Derby Festival and the city of Louisville as official ambassadors for the springtime tradition of the Festival. Over the two-week period, they attend nearly 70 events. Many area shops and vendors offer their clothes and accessories for the princesses to wear to these events. This year we are honored to be a part of the princesses wardrobe with our gold racehorse necklace (seen up close in the second photo). The necklaces were given by the Two Chicks & Company (one of our wonderful retailers listed above).

2017 Derby Princesses posing outside of Two Chicks and Company boutique

The Derby Festival’s Royal Court Program is coordinated by The Fillies, Inc., a volunteer group that works closely with the Festival. Each woman will receive a $2,000 scholarship ($1,000 from the Fillies and $1,000 from the Kentucky Derby Festival Foundation). One of the Princesses is crowned the Derby Festival Queen by a spin-of-the-wheel at the annual Fillies Derby Ball which takes place in early April. This year’s queen is Natalie Brown of Crestwood, Kentucky.

The Kentucky Derby Festival all leads up to this Saturday, and the post time for the “Run for the Roses” as the Derby is commonly referred to. Who will win the coveted roses? A favorite or an underdog? You’ll have to tune in to see! Whether you are watching at home or at Churchill Downs, you have a great excuse to wear our beautiful horse jewelry, a fabulous hat, and yell “Go, Baby, Go!”

Off to the races!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Fanciful Fleur de Lis

One of our most popular shapes has to be the fleur de lis. It is an emblem with European heritage, that now represents a number of groups around the world. But even those without a ties to organizations using the fleur de lis love the shape because of it’s pleasing design. It adds a fanciful flourish to anything it touches- and who doesn’t appreciate that? You can find the fleur de lis throughout our jewelry line in many variations. Below are the gold intaglios on our aqua quartz beads as well as a cross Susan designed with the fleur de lis incorporated.

The origin of the fleur de lis dates so far back it is unclear who used it first, but it has always been a symbol of power derived from the shape of a flower in bloom.  Although it is used in countless European coat of arms, it has particularly strong ties to the French monarchy.

Places with a strong French history, like Louisiana, love to use the fleur de lis. The New Orleans Saints fans use the fleur de lis to support their team. Many organizations use it as their symbol, from scouting groups to sororities, but you don’t have to be involved in one of these organizations to appreciate the beauty of the fleur de lis.  Even though the word “lis” is French for lily, the Fleur de lis seems to most resemble an iris; so much so that the iris flower is commonly referred to as a fluer de lis.

These fleur de lis glass intaglios are a new addition to the Susan Shaw Jewelry line and bring a modern touch to this classic emblem.

In addition to jewelry and fashion, the fleur de lis is quite popular in interiors. One fleur de lis can make a strong statement, like in this gorgeous Herend paperweight.

And many small fleur de lis (like atop this light fixture) can add a more soft and elegant touch.The gold fluer de lis seen here atop Buckingham Palace gate are clearly fit for a Queen.Feeling strong and bold? Or fancy and feminine? The Fleur de lis is perfect for you! Whatever look you are going for, we have jewelry options for you!

So don’t be afraid to add a little fleur-ish to you style!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Spotlight on Naples, Florida

Our travel spotlight shines on the sophisticated beach town of Naples, Florida. Susan and her husband, Eric, recently returned from a lovely trip there with the inside scoop on what to do and see.  In addition to the upscale boutiques where you can find our jewelry, we are listing a some of the things you won’t want to miss in Naples like the fun restaurants, gorgeous beaches and breathtaking sunsets.

Susan’s husband Eric strolling on the miles of pristine beach

Where to Stay

The Ritz Carlton  in Naples is a destination all its own. It is 20 acres on 3 miles of gorgeous beach and has every amenity you could ask for. A 36-hole golf course, world class spa, as well as 7 restaurants. You don’t ever even have to leave the property (It would be hard to even leave this lounge chair)!

The Inn on 5th is located right in the heart of downtown where many of the shops and restaurants we’ve listed are located. It boasts soundproof rooms so you don’t have to worry about the nightlife keeping you up. With only a 10 minute walk to the beach, you’ll be sure to find everything you need at your fingertips!

Where to Eat

Bleu Provence

Bleu Provence, Naples’s premier French restaurant, can be found tucked away on a side street of what’s known as Old Naples. Owner and master chef, Lysielle Cariot, grew up in Provence and loves creating authentic French dishes and pairing them with French regional wines. This is a fine dining experience you won’t soon forget.

Campiello is housed in Historic Naples Mercantile Building. They offer inventive Italian cuisine inspired by traditional Tuscan country cooking. Don’t miss the open-air bar and live jazz! Also check out Continental and Lurcat, the D’Amico restaurant group’s two other great restaurants in Naples.

For an upscale seafood restaurant with a twist, try Sea Salt. Chef Aielli’s philosophy is to blend simplicity with the very best fresh ingredients in a menu that changes daily. He uses 130 different types and flavors of salts from around the world to season his innovative dishes and put his unique touch on Florida’s finest ingredients.

What to do
Go to the beach! Naples is known for their calm seas, which makes the beach all the more relaxing and the pristine sand is a thing of beauty. If your hotel doesn’t have a private beach, Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park is considered to be one of the most pristine beaches in the world. If you’re traveling with kids, Lowdermilk Beach Park is a great place to find a beach playground, volleyball court, and tables for family picnics.

The city’s main landmark is the 1,000 foot long pier stretching from the end of 12th Avenue. A great place for strolling, fishing, taking in the view and possibly spotting some dolphins. Make some time to visit it during your trip, and even better if you can watch the sun set over the water. It really is magical.

Want to take in some culture? There are some great museums, including the Baker Museum for fine art and for the kids, the Golisano Children’s Museum is a must see. There are also many wildlife reserves and conservancies to visit if you’d like to see the spectacular local Florida wildlife. Some of the highlights are the Bird Gardens of Naples, The Conservancy of Southwest Florida and the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.


Walking and shopping on 5th avenue (pictured above) is a great way to spend an afternoon in Naples and we have a couple of great boutiques there who sell our jewelry among other high end goods. We also listed a couple of options in different areas so you are sure to find Susan Shaw jewelry wherever you may be.  Naples is a perfect place to wear these fabulous branch coral pieces!

Tracy Negoshian • 694 5th Avenue South

This is the flagship store of this national brand of fine women’s clothing and a collaboration with Castaway clothing. From Tracy’s bold printed dresses, tops, shorts, and skirts to Castaway’s signature motif shorts and pants as well as polo’s and children’s apparel, this boutique is a great place to shop for the entire family.

Cape Madras • 779 5th Avenue South

You’ll love this collection of preppy clothing featuring authentic seersucker and madras. Don’t outfits make the best souvenirs?

Ooh La La • 900 Neapolitan Way

This collection of jewelry, handbags, and accessories curated by two chic women is a great place to find the perfect addition to any outfit.

A Mano • 301 13th Avenue South

A luxurious collection of William Yeoward crystal, Italian pottery, home accessories, fine gifts and jewelry for the discerning customer. This is a second location of the store also found in Georgetown, DC and known as a destination for wedding gifts and everything you need for upscale entertaining.

The best part of shopping in the town you’re visiting is being able to find looks the locals enjoy. Below is just some of our beach chic jewelry that can be seen around Naples.

Our Venetian Glass collection is perfect for a fancy lunch or dinner on the town

Our vibrant silk tassel collection is great for spring and summer
Even if you aren’t heading to Naples, these looks are great for all kinds of fun in the sun!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

The World is Your Oyster

Oysters tend to bring out strong feelings for people. Some love to eat them raw or any way they can get them, others may need them fried up and soaked in butter first (and you can’t really argue with that), while others may appreciate them from a distance. The unique shells, the oyster house vibes, or the beauty of collectable oyster plates are all reasons to be intrigued by the oyster. One thing is for sure, the oyster is trending. As a food item you can find it on more and more menus, Oyster bars are popping up more often, and a younger crowd is partaking when they used to not. We’ve even heard raw oysters be referred to as “the new sushi.” However, there are more ways to appreciate oysters than on the half shell. Susan Shaw Jewelry has created some gorgeous pendants from oyster shells. The larger pendant below was molded from an oyster that was actually served to Susan in a restaurant. Inspiration comes from everywhere!225E0385-4D19-4451-9D89-1C2568E6FDD2These oyster molds, hand-cast in 24kt gold, make beautiful jewelry. You can see how they mix so well with the pearls below. Oysters and pearls are a match made in heaven (well, actually made in the sea, but you see what we mean).BD9038A9-19F5-4B5A-8FEA-AF80BD6B15C0As is true for many of the trends we see in the fashion world, this oyster shell trend continues into home accessories as well. This mirror below in Susan’s home is a great example of the unique products created with oyster shells.D8D06532-EDE5-4F90-8210-6517C67B9B8FOn a recent trip to Naples, Susan noticed this mirror in the hotel room entry way! FullSizeRender2This onyx box topped with a gold dipped oyster shell is like a piece of jewelry for your home. IMG_4155This oyster-shaped dish from anthropologie celebrates the strikingly unique shape of the oyster shell.41693490_070_b2When we see a mirror like this one spotted in an antique store it makes us wonder how many satisfied oyster-eaters it took to provide the artist with this many shucks. Its really an incredible piece of art.IMG_4160The beauty of enjoying oysters as jewelry for yourself or your home is that you don’t have to limit them to the months with an “R” in them- because accessories can be enjoyed year round! 79BFE216-2373-4E8B-BD96-18D956E6DA25

So if oysters don’t impress your taste buds, you may want to give them a try in a new way! Just the shell!


Susan Shaw Jewelry