Grey Areas

Grey has come a long way from the color of stormy skies, to the elegant neutral it is today. While grey can be the perfect background color to let others shine, it can also shine all on its own. It’s a color we are seeing more and more in interior design so we wanted to highlight some lovely uses of the color grey in the home. And with some new grey silks and gray stones, we have some jewelry that you are going to love this fall! One of the headliners is Labradorite, a beautiful streaky grey stone with an elegant look. You can see some beautiful labradorite pieces below.

We know grey stones look beautiful around your neck and with your wardrobe, but what about grey stone in your home? Some say the growth of popularity of Carrara and Calcatta marbles and other grey-veined natural stones may have began our love affair with grey in interior design. Below are some gorgeous examples of marble tile and countertops that showcase the beauty of the grey veining of this natural stone.

The other way to enjoy a grey and white kitchen that has become so popular is with grey paint. Below are a few different examples of grey paint on kitchen cabinets. It is so versatile that you can really make any grey and white kitchen your own with different hardware, accents, and of course varying shades of grey.

We just love the grey and gold combo. So elegant!

Grey paint, of course, is not just for kitchens. A light grey color is perfect to take a backseat to the other colors in a room while still having depth and interest you may not get with a white wall.

Grey is even a good choice when putting together a very feminine girls room like the one below. Pink and grey are a great combo!

And don’t the grey walls bring a serene look to these beautiful bedrooms?!

The dark grey curtains below help anchor the room and bring a rich and polished look to the living area.

So grey was an obvious addition to our silk tassel line. These pieces are available for fall and we are loving the rich tone in this grey silk.

And for a fancier look, grey pearls, grey crystals and even labradorite can layer together quite nicely.

So don’t be afraid to go grey! Its always a good look!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

The Midas Touch

One of the most recognizable qualities about Susan Shaw jewelry is definitely our gold pieces. The handmade molds Susan creates provide the unique look we are known for. Once a mold is designed and made by Susan, it is then hand dipped in 24kt gold before being made into piece of jewelry by one of our talented jewelry makers. Her ideas literally turn to gold- how neat is that?!gold1-copy

Gold can be the perfect accent to your outfit, whether it’s an intricate statement piece or a simple and classic gold chain.gold5

However, fashion is not the only area in which gold can shine. Gold accents in the home are popular as ever right now. The gold hardware in the kitchen below warms up and brightens the all white decor.screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-10-33-30-am

How beautiful is the oven below?! It is like artwork for the kitchen!

Another way to use gold in your home that is on trend right now is in metallic wallpapers. These examples below will having you wanting to dress up your walls- and even your ceilings!screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-10-37-34-am



Not all gold is shiny and new. Antique gold pieces can add so much to your home. This photo from Susan’s home shows some of her gorgeous antique gold accents.gold6

These intricate Susan Shaw pieces photographed on another antique table in Susan’s home are designed in a style reminiscent of exquisite french antiques.gold2

These quatrefoil and fleur de lis pieces shown on the same table demonstrate this French look beautifully.gold1

Whether you like the intricate antique look or the modern clean lines, you’ll find gold accents may be the key to styling your home…or your outfit!

We say go for the gold!!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Spring into Aqua

Spring has officially sprung! Time to say goodbye to the grays of winter and hello to pastels and brights! Aqua is our color of the day and it’s not only the color of the ocean we are dreaming of visiting, but also a trending color seen in jewelry and interior design. The Susan Shaw collection is resprensented below with aqua quartz and some hand-knotted fire agate. Looks amazing with the 24t handcast gold!FullSizeRender

Gold and aqua make a beautiful combination not only in jewelry but in interiors. The sunburst mirror in this bedroom below compliments the aqua walls so nicely.


The cool blue tones in Susan’s home office below facilitate the design of much of the jewelry we know and love.

Hand-knotted aqua crystal necklaces with Opal Quartz and Gold cross pendants

Aqua creates a serene look throughout Susan’s home as you can see in the photos below.



This mostly white kitchen below truly takes on it’s personality when these aqua touches are added (also this photo makes me want to add palm leaves to my antique glass bottles!) How chic!

kitchen hardwre, kitchen chandelier, drapes kitchen, window seat, bench table, aqua turquoise white

Although glass wine bottles can also be a pretty backdrop for this gorgeous necklace!


You know what they say… if you can’t take the heat… paint the kitchen! 😉  The shade of aqua on these cabinets is sure to keep you cool.


However, aqua doesn’t always have to be cool and calming. Bright shades like in the rooms below are fun and full of life!




Whether you go with a calming or bright shade of aqua, this classic color will keep you happy for years to come.
And if you have been hibernating all winter, it’s time to wake up and smell the color!  Like these vibrant ocean-blue tones in Susan Shaw’s aqua quartz and fire agate jewelry-that is sure to put some Spring in your step!

Now that we’re in the season of white pants and dresses, it’s the perfect time for aqua accessories! So enjoy spring colors and have a safe and happy Easter this weekend!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Find our aqua jewelry in stores and online @LaurenLondon

Blue & White Bliss


As we start the year, there is a lot of talk about all things new and fresh. Although our topic may not be anything new- it is always fresh! And how can we talk about interior design without mentioning blue & white, the classic color combination that is serene and yet striking at the same time? Entire books have been written on the subject (see one on these shelves below)! It is a classic combo that just won’t go out of style- thank goodness! One well-placed piece may make a room of any color scheme just a little more interesting; and a concentrated collection like the one below can add a wow factor to any space.


Aside from the history of Blue and White and the many versions found across almost every Asian and European culture, we just keep coming back to this look because it is so pleasing to the eye. Like white clouds floating on a blue sky or white foam upon an endless ocean, this natural color combination is one worth noticing.


From oversized jars and planters to a small accent on a shelf… they bring elegance wherever they go. 



The hand painted porcelain is not the only way to stun with this color combo. Blue and White fabrics bring that same fresh look.  The calming effect of blue and white may help us forget our stresses and spend a minute relaxing…



Its hard to say exactly what inspires design, but being surrounded by blue and white decor may have led to some of the pieces below. Just check out these Blue Lapis stones, blue and white Druzy pieces as well as some classic white pearls. Gorgeous!




This jewelry would pair well with most any color you wear, but to stay on topic… how about a classic white top?


However you decide to wear it or decorate with it, we hope you enjoy blue and white as much as we do!


Susan Shaw Jewelry