Touch of Grey

Grey has been one of the most successful neutral colors in the past few years. We have seen it in elegant interiors as well as fashion. Today we want to highlight some beautiful light grey interiors as well as the one of our newest stones, Silver Lace Agate. Its light grey tone mixes beautifully with so many of our pieces. Below you can see it with our Handcast Gold as well as Freshwater Pearls in the longer layering necklace.It also compliments our sterling silver coin pieces below beautifully.While we are on the subject of grey, our grey Baroque Pearls are naturally formed and each uniquely shaped. The silver tone is bold and elegant at the same time.The bold and the elegant mix works perfectly in interior design as well. The soft grey tones in the room below are juxtaposed with the bold circle mirror above the fireplace and the mirrored coffee table to create a perfectly styled living area.Here is another successful use of mirrors with multiple grey tones as seen in Architectural Digest. Grey is also the perfect way to bring the calming tone we all need to a bedroom. The wonderful natural light doesn’t hurt either!One of the more popular places to use grey has always been in the kitchen. The examples below show how soft grey can help you achieve a number of beautiful aesthetics. The barely-grey wall color in the kitchen below adds dimension to this crisp white kitchen.Grey paint on the cabinetry in the kitchen below pairs beautiful with the white subway tile. A perfect mix of industrial and traditional styles.Grey and white is a fabulous color combo, but the addition of the natural wood color below really makes it pop!The white kitchen below relies on stainless appliances and finishes on the island as well as the crystal light fixtures above the island to bring in the grey.  Very creative and beautiful!No matter the season, soft grey is always in style. Our Silver Lace Agate is paired with our classic Bee Intaglios below. We hope you love this new addition as much as we do!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Susan Shaw Signature Style

All artists and designers need a signature look. Monet’s water lilies, Chanel’s pearls, or Jackie O’s large sunglasses. After designing jewelry for over 35 years, Susan has cultivated her own signature look as well.  Many of our customers recognize our jewelry in shops they’ve never shopped at, in cities they’ve never been to, without tags or logo recognition given to Susan Shaw. So what is it? We will let the photos do the talking.One feature that distinguishes our jewelry is the handmade molds Susan creates. The unique look of each piece is what sets our jewelry apart from other machine-made jewelry components.Pearls have always been a part of the line, though in many different shapes and styles. From the freshwater pearls that Susan works into this cross pendant below, to the mother-of-pearl teardrop earrings and to the newer pearl tassels she has created, the look has a way of staying with the trends and remaining classic at the same time.
Cotton pearls are another thing Susan Shaw is known for. These lightweight paper maché spun pieces are a signature medium to the line, and sought out by many.For years we have been working with Genuine Turquoise and working it in with our handcast gold and silver components. This combination elevates turquoise to a dressier look.  Susan is also known for her use of coins. She finds interesting coins with historical value- coins that haven’t been in circulation since the Euro- and works them into her molds to create pieces that are as interesting as they are beautiful. French influences have always played a part in Susan’s life and tastes, and her designs show this as well. She’s always been able to put her own spin on the chic looks you see in Paris.  Even once you have found your look, every designer needs to keep updating, creating, and adding new things that fit in with their style. These labradorite stones, baroque pearls, and threader earrings  have been great updates to the line.
Another great update? Taking the coins and intaglio pieces we are known for in handcast gold and making them in Venetian glass. This is sure to be a look that we will come to be known for.

Out of all the classics and new adaptations, what’s your favorite Susan Shaw look? We love bringing our customers pieces they love!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Designer Spotlight: Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is widely known as one of the most influential fashion designers of all time. Coming from humble beginnings and building a brand that stands the test of time, she was known for being bold and elegant. There is no way to know how many designers she has inspired, but one for sure is Susan Shaw. Her iconic fashion house pioneered the idea that jewelry shouldn’t necessarily be meant to flaunt wealth (as it was in that time period), but instead to complement clothing. She was the first to mix fine gems with fabricated glass beads and gilt gold chains, changing the age old concept that jewelry had to be either “fine” or “costume” and creating a category all her own. Susan Shaw jewelry is in that category now, with our handcast metals, semi-precious stones, and a mix of glass and genuine freshwater pearls.  chanel3

We can’t mention Chanel without talking about the Chanel suit. She took the basics of a man’s suit, the tweed fabrics and clean lines and designed something for women to wear and move about freely in.  Her vision of fashion changed the fundamental way women dressed by freeing them from binding corsets and heavy layers of skirts in exchange for comfortable fabrics and simple structure. All Chanel clothing was designed to allow women to be comfortable doing their everyday activities without sacrificing an ounce of style.



When Chanel first added jewelry to her clothing line in the 1920’s, she designed colorful pieces as were popular at the time, but none more popular than the maltese cross cuffs in the photo below. Coco Chanel would wear one on each wrist in symmetry. These cuffs would come to be the most iconic piece of jewelry she would make and inspire the maltese cross to grow in popularity.


27a3f6e85c9ee941a5ee6fd12da26fabBelow you can see our Susan Shaw maltese cross designs inspired by the classic Chanel look.

Chanel wore her jewelry extravagantly, with many chains and strands of pearls. She would be very familiar with the style of an elegant woman today.



While Coco Chanel definitely had a signature look, her legacy encourages women to embrace their own style. An ideal that is shared by Susan Shaw Jewelry. We delight in contributing to a customer’s individual style. After all, “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” -Coco Chanel

And we couldn’t agree more.


Susan Shaw Jewelry

The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant is a majestic creature. As the largest mammal on land, these beautiful animals bring to mind thoughts of power, strength and even wisdom. They are thought to experience some of the same emotions as humans do, including empathy, self-awareness, compassion, and grief. The fascination with these animals is well deserved. So it is no wonder why elephants keep popping up throughout the fashion world. A symbol of style.

Susan uses elephants in many of her pieces, with various intaglios and even an elephant coin. The all gold and the two-tone elephant intaglios are featured below atop a Tracy Negoshian tunic from Susan’s wardrobe.

Elephants can be found in our jewelry and in the world of fashion, but lets not forget their presence in the home, which can be symbolic as well as elegant. With their trunks up (as pictured below) an elephant symbolizes prosperity, good luck, and victory.



With their trunks down, elephants symbolize longevity and conception. Although many superstitious people do not want to stray from the good luck of an upward-facing trunk. Personally, I would for the gorgeous custom wallpaper in the dining room below!


When an elephant is placed in the entry of a home and facing in, it is thought to bring good fortune to the family. In Feng Shui they call this the “Elephant of Many Blessings.” Susan has had this antique elephant statue from the Ming Dynasty in her home since the 70’s, a classic piece that is a beautiful as it (could be!) lucky.


With two of their three species being from Africa, elephants also represent the tribal look. These resin “good luck elephants” were Susan’s grandmothers from the 20’s. They pair so well with the African bone beads on our tribal bracelets. Trunks up!


This pearl necklace features an elephant on an old British shilling. Elegant and historical.IMG_4274

Susan purchased this elephant print top from one of our retailers in Houston, À bientôt. Its always fun to see our jewelry pair so beautifully with the clothing found in the same fabulous boutiques.


So why are we so drawn to these creatures? It could be the symbolism, superstition… or simply because they’re so darn cute!

And just like that, the elephant in the room becomes the thing you are talking about.


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Equestrian Inspiration

The Susan Shaw Equestrian Collection is inspired by those who live their lives around horses. From the serious rider or horse show enthusiast, to the well-dressed Kentucky Derby spectator, they all have a love for horses and their sport. A sport filled with tradition, that exudes grace and beauty.
IMG_0146Jackie Kennedy Onassis, who we know to have been a graceful first lady, grew up riding and competing in horse shows and was a very successful equestrienne. Below she is jumping her beloved horse, Danseuse.


Horse shows demand exquisite poise and performance from both horse and rider. The photo below was taken at the Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington Florida, a well-known and prestigious horse show that runs from January- March and just finished this weekend with a $500,000 Grand Prix sponsored by Rolex. This festival in palm beach is known for attracting riders from all ages, abilities and disciplines. Of these horse show disciplines, the main include the Hunter, Jumper, and Dressage categories. Dressage focuses on the control and command a rider has over his/her horse. And while both Hunter and Jumper disciplines have jumps, Jumping focuses more on time and accuracy and Hunter is judged based more on the horse’s form.


The sport is quite fascinating and it’s no wonder horses serve as a beautiful subject for jewelry design. Susan’s equestrian jewelry incorporates various silver and gold horse intaglios as well as some that have been hand-painted, like on the necklace below.



Horse bits, saddles and horseshoes are also part of the collection.

The intaglios feature horse heads and jumping horses as well as racing horses. At a horse race, like a horse show, the horses are not the only ones who are well groomed. Fashion plays and large role among spectators at the races. Hats and elegant clothing are a staple at the race track.53__B2_7607.e436be60dbbdf11a05b177d82372aaae

Whether you’re in the horse world or not, you’ve surely heard of the most famous horse race, the Kentucky Derby. And Derby Day is almost here! On the first Saturday in May, the 142nd annual Kentucky Derby will be run at Churchill Downs outside of Louisville, Kentucky. This event is often called “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports.”


The winner will be awarded the garland of roses along with a large cash prize and a chance at the Triple Crown. The Triple Crown requires the horse to win the Kentucky Derby, then two weeks later win the Preakness Stakes, and then three weeks later win the Belmont Stakes.  In all of racing history, only twelve horses have achieved the Triple Crown. Last year, American Pharaoh won a Triple Crown and was the fist horse to achieve this since 1978.

Secretariat and jockey Ron Turcotte, the winner of the Derby in 1973 went on to win the Triple Crown that year


Crowds gather in the spring weather to sip mint juleps, watch the races and hope to win big on a long shot bet.


The horses have been training for this for their entirety of their 3-year life and have been racing in official Derby prep races for the last 7 months only to have their fate decided in those two minutes of performance.

LeRoy Neiman’s “Four Jockeys 1974” hangs in Susan’s dining room
English oil painting in Susan Shaw’s home of a horse and jockey

Jockeys, who must weigh in at the Derby at 126lbs including their gear, must be able to control a horse circling the track at 40 miles per hour. It’s an amazing feat to be so strong – especially at such a small size.

LOUISVILLE, KY - MAY 03: Kent Desormeaux (2nd L), riding #20 Big Brown, leads out of turn 4 durinng the 134th running of the Kentucky Derby on May 3, 2008 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. Big Brown went on to win the Derby. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Each time we make and ship an equestrian piece, it’s exciting to think about where it will end up. Will it be off to the races? To the Wellington, Florida horse shows or other prestigious horse shows around the country? Or tucked in to the jodhpurs pocket of an up-and-coming rider? Or simply a special part of a horse lover’s collection?


For all of the horse-lovers, riders, and spectators out there, we hope you enjoy this collection as much as we enjoy crafting it. And for those who have had a love for these majestic animals buried in their past, maybe it’s time to get back on the horse.



Susan Shaw Jewelry

P.S. The Equestrian collection can be found in our many retailers as well as online @LaurenLondon

Tied up in Love Knots

February is here! Meaning, it is officially time to think about those we love. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we thought it perfect timing to introduce something we love; the new Susan Shaw Love Knot collection (and some new heart designs as well)!


Our twist on the classic love knot is gorgeous in handcast 24kt gold and sterling silver. Genuine freshwater pearls add elegance to select pieces, making them perfect for your date night or valentine cocktail party.



Is there any better combination than flowers and jewelry?? (ok maybe a little chocolate too)…



Love Knots may also be the perfect addition to the table you set for your honey. Martha Stewart creates the look below with a few easy steps, but if you’re not much into DIY, a simple knot in a beautiful gold rope or ribbon could create the same effect.



We do believe it’s important to say ‘I Love You’ all year round. However, in this culture of busyness, it’s nice to have a day that reminds us to stop and send the roses (or jewelry as the case may be) to remind someone we are thinking of them. And don’t forget, to treat yourself.


Susan Shaw

P.S. find our Love Knot Collection in stores now and @ Lauren London.

Everything’s coming up Rose Quartz


By now we all know Rose Quartz is one of Pantone’s 2 colors of 2016.  Pink isn’t just for little girls anymore! This calming shade has made its way into the fashion world and is now a staple in interior design. Susan Shaw’s new Rose Quartz collection is a perfect way to get your daily dose of pink. The shade is just enough so you don’t get sick of it. In fact, you’ll be surprised how well it blends with a wide range of outfits!



Rose Quartz can look as alluring on your shelves as it does on you! These lamps and bookends from zinc door would be fabulous additions to any étagère.



While this semi-precious stone is stunning, the trend extends to anything in this gorgeous shade of pink. A tone that brings a calm elegance to these fabulous rooms.




By pairing the color with mixed neutrals and metals, you can juxtapose the feminine shade and create a perfectly polished room.


Can you imagine how relaxing this bedroom would be after a long day?


Rose quartz can be formal too. These upscale rooms seen in Architectural Digest below are so pretty in pink! The rosewood in the dining room is divine!




So are you into the pink accents or does it make you blush??

You can find the Susan Shaw Rose Quartz collection in stores now and online at LaurenLondon.


Susan Shaw