Shiny and New Coins

Our coin pieces have always been a highlight of the jewelry line, so we are very pleased to share our newest coin designs! Whether you are a coin enthusiast or just appreciate unique jewelry, you will love this new additions!  These new ancient Greek coins below featuring the honey bee dates back to 400 BC. These coins are complimented by the corded handcast gold setting and hangs on our genuine freshwater pearls as well as the simple handcast gold chain. 

Some of the coins below have been in the line, but the designs are all new. We love the look of this pearl and antique coin statement necklace! 

A couple of our new coin settings are featured below. They’re hanging on some of our new stones as well! The silver lace agate (left) and sea foam agate (right) are great new additions to the line.

We even have the new coins done in our venetian glass! This freshwater pearl setting compliments the sleek glass and creates a unique and elegant look. Each pearl on the pendants are set by hand into the gold setting giving it the hand made look we have become known for.Don’t worry if you have had your eye on a coin piece that’s been in our line- those are not retiring we are just adding new styles! For example, these antique Lira have been in our line for a couple of years, and are not going anywhere!

Are you flipping for the coins as much as we are?


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Spotlight on Beaufort, South Carolina

Our travel spotlight shines on the charming town of Beaufort, South Carolina (it’s pronounced “BEW-fert” unlike the town with the same name in North Carolina), where you can find southern charm, historical homes, and low country views right on the Atlantic Ocean. Geographically, Beaufort sits right between the larger cities of Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA, but it also is a happy medium between those two cities’ cultures. As the second oldest city in South Carolina, it is rich in history, dating back to the beginning of our country. It’s charm and scenery have also made it a perfect place to film a movie. Well known titles such as “The Big Chill” and “Forrest Gump” are among the movies filmed here.This is the area of the country for oysters, so what better side dish than our freshwater pearl and oyster necklace, which can be found at a lovely fine jewelry store in Beaufort.Modern Jewelers is among many of our customers who sell fine jewelry alongside high-end costume jewelry to serve an array of customer’s jewelry needs. Our 24k handcast gold fits the bill for that elegant look.

Modern Jewelers

807 Bay Street | Downtown Beaufort, SC | 843-524-3526

Of course shopping for Susan Shaw Jewelry isn’t the only thing you’ll come to Beaufort for. Did we mention the history?The Beaufort History Museum, located in the historic Arsenal in Downtown Beaufort, is rich with the history that helped shape our country. Beaufort was declared Union territory early in the Civil war, making it one of the first places to free slaves and work towards Reconstruction.Next on your historical tour, take a stroll through Beaufort’s oldest neighborhood, The Point, lined with breathtaking antebellum homes. As one of the oldest and most historic areas of Beaufort, The Point was once a shipyard in the early 1700s, but is now home to the some of the most beautiful homes in the south. Some of the oldest ones still standing date back to the 1770s.While in the area, don’t miss St. Helena’s Episcopal Church, established in 1712. Beautiful scenery surrounds this church and gravesite dating back to the Revolutionary War. Inside, the nautically inspired altar was carved by sailors long ago.Beaufort also has some great parks, the most popular being right in the heart of historic downtown. Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park is right off Bay Street and complete jogging paths, playground, picnic tables and a seawall walkway.Hunting Island State Park, along with thousands of acres of marsh and a saltwater lagoon, is also home to Hunting Island Beach- where you can see dolphins and pelicans and other interesting marine life. You can even climb to the top of the lighthouse for a breathtaking view of the Atlantic.
Another great beach is The Sands Beach, where the locals go to relax and take in the beach life. Sportsmen will enjoy the fishing at Paradise Fishing Pier, Broad River Fishing Pier, and the Port Royal Boardwalk at The Sands. Also golf courses and tennis courts are great places to enjoy the outdoors in this wonderful town.Beaufort is also home to a thriving art scene. In fact, the city has been named #14 on the list ofTop 25 Small City Arts Destinations’ by American Style Magazine, and also was named in the book ‘The 100 Best Art Towns in America‘. Take a walk down Bay Street and you will see the countless art galleries and studios. Of course with scenery like this, it’s no wonder the art community would be inspired. The cuisine in Beaufort will not disappoint. There are countless wonderful places to eat, but we will just mention a few.  Wren Bistro located in Downtown Beaufort, is a great place to grab a delicious meal. Locals rave about their fried green tomatoes, burgers, and gourmet seafood. Saltus River Grill, located on Bay Street, is continually cooking up low country favorites with a modern twist. Their oysters and raw bar is incredible as well. Breakwater is another great spot to find upscale food locally sourced and inspired by traditional South Carolina fare.

Not to bury the lead, but Beaufort was named “the South’s Best Small Town” by Southern Living in 2017. So if you’re looking for a place to enjoy the Low country, look no further than this charming little town.

Safe travels!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Style in Bloom

Floral prints have been at the top of the trend reports for a few years now and going into Spring, we can see they will be sticking around for awhile. Flowers can be romantic, feminine as well as edgy and modern, but no matter the style, floral prints bring a fun and joyful side to fashion. Along with showcasing this playful trend, we are also unveiling a new floral collection of Susan Shaw jewelry! Most of the items in the photos are new and will be available soon to purchase at our retailers.

Floral prints were all over the runways showcasing Spring collections this year.

And now we are seeing floral on all kinds of clothes!  We just love the floral look in these formal gowns below.

And the skirt on model Miranda Kerr has just the right amount floral mixed in to elevate this chic outfit.

Along with these traditional prints, 60s mod florals are in as well as modern abstract florals. So you are sure to find something that complements your style.

Our new collection of jewelry is the perfect addition to these floral looks, but can also be paired with solids or simple patterns as well. The new freshwater pearl pieces below really highlight the feminine nature and elegance of the gold floral pieces.

And these new tassels bring out the fun in floral pieces! The bright colors of Spring are just around the corner! Are you ready?!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Spotlight on Christmas in Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek, Colorado is a wonderful place to visit year round, but with the holiday right around the corner, we wanted to showcase the Christmas Season in this beautiful village. There is nothing more magical than a white Christmas, and with the mountain views as a backdrop, the decorations of the season shine even brighter. Beaver Creek is located in the central Rocky Mountains, about 2 hrs west of Denver, and just 30 miles from the Eagle County airport, making it one of the easier ski resorts to travel to, but the real ease of the vacation comes once you are there. Beaver Creek has made it their job to bring luxury to the ski vacationers who come there. With heated sidewalks, staff to carry your skis and boots, and complimentary fresh baked cookies handed out at 3pm each day, this ski resort is sure to make your stay unforgettable.

So what is Christmas like in the village? It begins with their tree-lighting ceremony, complete with an ice skating show and fireworks display on the village plaza.

Beaver Creek Winter Christmas Tree Lighting and Fireworks on the Plaza

Their “Winterfest” provides fun activities for all ages as the holiday approaches. Some of the highlights being the characters on the plaza, Dicken’s Christmas Carolers, and of course visits from the big man himself- Santa.

Looking for a great place to stay? There really are so many options, including many ski-in/ski-out homes you can rent.

The Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch is one of the most luxurious places to stay in the area. Even those who aren’t staying there still use the Ritz amenities to ski-in/ski-out. What better luxury is there than to have then someone to put your boots and skis on you – and just steps away from the Bachelor Gulch ski lift?!  Another amenity that brings people to the Ritz? The 21,000 sq ft. Spa. You can enjoy a top notch massage treatment and then stick around and use the other spa amenities- they even have a cafe!Want a place to stay for half the price? The Osprey at Beaver Creek also has ski-in/ski-out access on the Strawberry Park lift (another main lift in the ski area), Maybe that will mean you can stay twice as long!

And you will want to extend your vacation when you read about all the fun things to do in the area.

The main village plaza has a 9,000 sq ft ice rink- that is groomed every few hours to keep it pristine.

Beaver Creek also offers skiing for all abilities, with 3 mountain areas and more than 1,800 acres of ski area-, it was recently named by Condé Nast as one of the top 20 ski resorts in the United States.

The village also offers many upscale boutiques for a wonderful shopping experience.

Wondering where to find Susan Shaw Jewelry in the area? There is a beautiful boutique right in the village where you can find our pieces (such as the ones pictured below) alongside fine fur coats and other accessories.

Giovanny Alexander

46 Avondale Lane, Beaver Creek • (970) 949-9570

Now that you’ve been shopping, take your outfit and jewelry out on the town to one of these fine restaurants in the area.

Beano’s Cabin offers the ultimate mountain dining experience, starting with a sleigh ride to the base of Lakespur bowl. There in this log cabin restaurant, you’ll be treated to a 5-course meal highlighting the flavors of Colorado. Now this is definitely on the pricey side of dining, but for foodies looking for a luxury dining experience, this is the place!

Beano’s Cabin

Toscanini is an authentic Italian restaurant situated in the heart of the village near the ice skating rink. After a day of skiing or skating, there is little that sounds better than a plate of pasta- in this case made in house. The open kitchen adds another element to the dining experience as patrons watch the chefs prepare their meals from scratch.

Looking for a more casual experience? Don’t miss Blue Moose Pizza. Also located in the village, they serve up NY style pizza on paper table cloths you can draw on. But don’t mistake the family friendly atmosphere for a dive- this pizza is upscale in taste and quality!

Northside Kitchen knows the true meaning of a full service restaurant. In the morning you can pickup coffee and freshly baked pastries and donuts to-go or dine-in for a hot breakfast you’ll love. They also serve up delicious lunch and dinner as well, with menu items like Prime Rib or Wild Halibut, you’re sure to find something that fits your tastes.

So if you are looking for mountain destination that offers luxury fit for a queen, look no further than Beaver Creek. When the snow is long gone, the town still has so much to offer like, fly-fishing, hiking, ballooning and paragliding through the gorgeous terrain.

From all of us at Susan Shaw Jewelry, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Susan Shaw Signature Style

All artists and designers need a signature look. Monet’s water lilies, Chanel’s pearls, or Jackie O’s large sunglasses. After designing jewelry for over 35 years, Susan has cultivated her own signature look as well.  Many of our customers recognize our jewelry in shops they’ve never shopped at, in cities they’ve never been to, without tags or logo recognition given to Susan Shaw. So what is it? We will let the photos do the talking.One feature that distinguishes our jewelry is the handmade molds Susan creates. The unique look of each piece is what sets our jewelry apart from other machine-made jewelry components.Pearls have always been a part of the line, though in many different shapes and styles. From the freshwater pearls that Susan works into this cross pendant below, to the mother-of-pearl teardrop earrings and to the newer pearl tassels she has created, the look has a way of staying with the trends and remaining classic at the same time.
Cotton pearls are another thing Susan Shaw is known for. These lightweight paper maché spun pieces are a signature medium to the line, and sought out by many.For years we have been working with Genuine Turquoise and working it in with our handcast gold and silver components. This combination elevates turquoise to a dressier look.  Susan is also known for her use of coins. She finds interesting coins with historical value- coins that haven’t been in circulation since the Euro- and works them into her molds to create pieces that are as interesting as they are beautiful. French influences have always played a part in Susan’s life and tastes, and her designs show this as well. She’s always been able to put her own spin on the chic looks you see in Paris.  Even once you have found your look, every designer needs to keep updating, creating, and adding new things that fit in with their style. These labradorite stones, baroque pearls, and threader earrings  have been great updates to the line.
Another great update? Taking the coins and intaglio pieces we are known for in handcast gold and making them in Venetian glass. This is sure to be a look that we will come to be known for.

Out of all the classics and new adaptations, what’s your favorite Susan Shaw look? We love bringing our customers pieces they love!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Spotlight on Fort Worth, Texas

Our travel spotlight shines on the beautiful city of Fort Worth, which is known for its close proximity to Dallas, but is full of culture all its own.  We have a list of highlights for those traveling to Fort Worth, including sights, things to do, places to eat, and, of course, places to shop Susan Shaw Jewelry. For anyone looking to experience traditional Texas culture while still having access to a vibrant and charming city, look no further than Fort Worth, Texas.If you are lucky enough to know a member of the Fort Worth Club, ask them to make you a reservation to stay there- you wont regret it! Susan and her husband, Eric, stayed there recently and were able to take advantage of their wonderful food and attend some events on site. The club was established in 1885 for the businessmen of the city to come together and socialize as well as build relationships in order to advance the commerce of the city. 130 years later, it is known as the premier social, athletic and business club in the city. Located in the heart of downtown, they have 21 guest rooms, a state-of-the-art athletic center, event space, and a top tier restaurant as well.

The Fort Worth Club, Downtown Fort Worth

Looking for things to do on your visit? The cultural district of Fort Worth (just west of downtown) is a great place to start. This beautiful park-like collection of museums is easily walkable and a great place to spend your day. There are many places to see in the area, including many wonderful museums.

 The Amon Carter Museum of American Art is one of the top museums of American Art in the country. It began with the personal collection of Amon Carter, a newspaper publisher and oilman, who had collected many works from two of the top artists of the American West, Frederic Remington and Charles M. Russell. Amon Carter began work to open this museum before his death in 1955, but his daughter brought his dream to reality when the museum opened in 1961. Since then the museum has expanded, acquired art from all genres and now holds upwards of 250,000 objects of paintings, photographs, rare books, sculpture and more. When visiting this wonderful museum, don’t forget to check out their wonderful shop which sells Susan Shaw Jewelry among other beautiful gifts.

Amon Carter Museum Gift Shop

3501 Camp Bowie Blvd • Fort Worth, TX 76107

Another museum in the area, the Kimbell, focus on quality over quantity, with a selection of 350 pieces of art from the third millennium BC to mid 20th century. European painters such as Picasso, Matisse, Cézanne, Monet and more are represented in the museum. They also have a wonderful restaurant on site that is worth a visit- and if you enjoy it they also have a cookbook with the chef’s recipes for sale!

The Kimbell Restaurant

Modern art buffs won’t want to miss the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, also within walking distance of the Amon Carter and Kimbell museums. The collection of is comprised of nearly 3,000 objects, including paintings, sculptures, videos, photographs, and prints from post WWII era to present.  They also have a wonderful restaurant on their reflective pond that serves quality food made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients. A perfect place for lunch during your day of museums!

Of course museums are not the only thing Fort Worth has to offer. The city’s most well-known attraction has got to be the Stockyards. Between 1866 and 1890, drovers trailed more than four million head of cattle through Fort Worth. The city soon became known as “Cowtown.” In 1902 construction started on the pens, the barns, and a new Livestock Exchange Building, which housed the many livestock commission companies, telegraph offices, railroad offices and other support businesses to the cattle industry. It became known as “The Wall Street of the West.” Today the Exchange building still sells hundreds of cattle daily via satellite video, but the Stockyards are more for historical value. There is a Stockyards museum, original brick paths and wooden buildings which now house many dining and entertainment venues. The amount of history in the stockyards is astonishing, and a great way to see the culture of Texas cattle-ranchers throughout history.

Don’t miss the Fort Worth Herd on your visit! It is the world’s only twice daily cattle drive, held every day in the Stockyards.

This is an exciting time of year for Fort Worth! Their own university, TCU, is #2 in the Big 12 football conference rankings. If you have a chance to see a football game, join the sea of purple to cheer on the Horned Frogs at the state-of-the-art Amon G. Carter stadium.

Not going during football season? Check out the many other things to do in Fort Worth including the a day at the Fort Worth Zoo,  walking or biking on the Trinity River Trails, or catching a race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Of course we can’t forget the shopping in the city! Our jewelry is also sold in the upscale home gift shop, Lawrence’s. Stop by and find something special to remember your trip!


4601 West Freeway •  Suite 224 • Fort Worth, Texas

A wonderful high-end gift shop with everything from fine china and hostess gifts to Jon Hart luggage and, of course, a large selection of Susan Shaw jewelry. They proudly claim to carry “fabulous gifts for fabulous people.”

After a day of sight-seeing and shopping, you’ll surely have worked up a Texas-sized appetite. Below is a list of restaurants you won’t want to miss.

Lonesome Dove

An upscale restaurant in the Stockyards district that focuses on food of the American West. Chef Tim Love takes this fare to another level and has received countless awards for his culinary innovations.

2406 N Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76164

Joe T. Garcias

2201 N Commerce St.Fort Worth, TX 76164

Established in 1935, Joe T Garcias has grown over the years from seating for 16 to now being able to seat over 1000 people! The famous Tex-Mex fare is something you won’t want to miss. The sheer size of this restaurant is something to see.


310 Houston Street, Sundance Square, Fort Worth, Texas 76102

The original Reata is in Alpine Texas, but their Fort Worth location has been bringing great food to customers since 1995. This four-level restaurant is all beautiful but don’t miss the views from the popular rooftop patio.

Looking for some unique nightlife after dinner? Check out Scat Lounge, set in the basement of the historic Woolworth building, Scat is a jazz venue with cocktail tables and a swanky atmosphere reminiscent of something you’d see in the movies. 

So pack your boots and get to Fort Worth, Texas to check out this fabulous city full of art, history, shopping and dining that will surely give you a trip to remember!
Safe travels y’all!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Circle of Style

As part of our geometric trend series, we are highlighting one of the shapes we are loving right now- the circle! This perfectly symmetrical shape could not be more pleasing to the eye. Like many  trends, we are seeing circles and circle patterns in fashion as well as interior design. Susan Shaw Jewelry has some beautiful new and also classic pieces that feature the circle that you are sure to love!These new delicate earrings below are a gorgeous use of the circle. Its amazing how a shape with no sides can be so edgy!
And we can’t forget hoops! They have been a staple in jewelry forever for a reason!In addition to jewelry, we are seeing circle patterns in clothing as well. Below are some beautiful dresses we found using the circle in the most stylish of ways.

Interior Designers are also using circular patterns all over the place. The tile work in the kitchens below showcase how circular designs can bring interest to a nook or backsplash very successfully.

How beautiful is this circle-cut marble tile below?!Natural fiber rugs are all the rage and this particular pattern by Fibreworks is one of our favorites!

Furniture and home accesoories are also in on the circle trend! This credenza below by John-Richard would be work of art in any home.
The overlapping circles on this fireplace screen are so beautiful and interesting!

And these Johnathon Adler vases showcase the circle in a modern way.

So how much are you into this trend? Circle back and let us know…


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Spotlight on the McNay Art Museum- San Antonio, Texas

Our spotlight shines pretty close to home today on the fabulous McNay Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas. This 23-acre property and home full of art was dedicated in 1950 to eventually become the first modern art museum in Texas. Not only are Shaws patrons of this museum, but it is within 2 miles of our office and their fabulous gift shop sells Susan Shaw Jewelry. Clearly the McNay is near and dear to us, but the story behind the museum as well as the impressive collection is something that would interest any art and culture buff.Marion McNay was and heiress who moved to San Antonio in 1926 after her husband Don McNay died.  She then met and married prominent ophthalmologist Donald T. Atkinson and they commissioned San Antonio architects Atlee and Robert Ayres to design a 24-room Spanish Colonial-Revival house. During that time she starting collecting art, mainly paintings from the 19th and 20th century. She went back to her first husbands name when her 2nd marriage ended. In 1950 Marion McNay died, leaving her home, collection of over 700 works of art, and an endowment to start the McNay museum, which opened its doors in 1954.

In 2008, the Stieren Center for Exhibitions added 45,000 square feet to the museum and created gallery space for major exhibitions, a sculpture gallery and garden, a lecture hall, and classrooms for the museum’s many educational programs. The addition has a very modern look, juxtaposing the original home and main building of the museum and adding even more interest to the property.

The museum focuses primarily on 19th- and 20th-century European and American art by such artists as Paul Cézanne, Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, Henri Matisse, Georgia O’Keeffe, Diego Rivera, Mary Cassatt, and Edward Hopper. The collection today consists of over 20,000 objects and is one of the finest collections of Contemporary Art and Sculpture in the Southwestern United States. The museum is always doing fun events to get people involved in art and culture in the community. They host parties on the grounds like their upcoming Halloween costume dance party with food and live music. And each Thursday night admission is free, allowing for people and families to try out the museum they are sure to love!The grounds of the museum are some of the most beautiful property in the city, making it a destination for photo shoots, picnics and even weddings. The fountains, Japanese-style koi pond, and inner courtyard are among the highlights outside the museum walls.

Museum goers can also enjoy the beautiful gift shop upon visiting the McNay. Gifts, books and accessories in the shop reflect many of the current exhibits in the museum, allowing for new and different items each time you go. They also carry jewelry from artists of interest- including Susan Shaw. And you don’t even need to pay entrance to the museum to visit the store!
Below are some of the many pieces of our jewelry you may find at the McNay.

Susan draws inspiration from many areas, but art is one of her passions and her recent geometric collection was greatly inspired by works of contemporary art.

These pieces can be found in the McNay gift shop and at our other retailers as well.

If you find yourself in San Antonio, give the McNay a visit!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Red Alert

We are loving all the color this year! You may have noticed- its pretty hard not to- that bright red is popping up everywhere! From fashion to the home, red is making a bold statement and we are loving it. Susan has been having lots of fun with red this season, mixing genuine coral stones of varying sizes with golds and grey to make unique pieces like the ones below.

Our silk and beaded tassel designs are now in red too! You’ll love what a statement this bright color can make when paired with neutrals or other rich tones.

But jewelry isn’t the only place for red of course. The runways this year were red hot!Red coats and tops are big as well as head-to-toe red outfits. Talk about a head turning look!

If fashion is our way of testing out styles for our home, its no wonder we are seeing red popping up in interior design as well. No matter what style your home decor is, red can accent it in a bold way. We love the red couch in this traditional room below.

This fabulous red antique piece mixed with leather chairs and light blue walls gives this room just the right amount of edge.

And the red walls in this sitting area bring a warmth that balances out the modern look.
So are you ready to call a code red? You can always just try a little here and there- we think jewelry is a great place to start- and have fun with it!


Susan Shaw Jewelry

Grey Areas

Grey has come a long way from the color of stormy skies, to the elegant neutral it is today. While grey can be the perfect background color to let others shine, it can also shine all on its own. It’s a color we are seeing more and more in interior design so we wanted to highlight some lovely uses of the color grey in the home. And with some new grey silks and gray stones, we have some jewelry that you are going to love this fall! One of the headliners is Labradorite, a beautiful streaky grey stone with an elegant look. You can see some beautiful labradorite pieces below.

We know grey stones look beautiful around your neck and with your wardrobe, but what about grey stone in your home? Some say the growth of popularity of Carrara and Calcatta marbles and other grey-veined natural stones may have began our love affair with grey in interior design. Below are some gorgeous examples of marble tile and countertops that showcase the beauty of the grey veining of this natural stone.

The other way to enjoy a grey and white kitchen that has become so popular is with grey paint. Below are a few different examples of grey paint on kitchen cabinets. It is so versatile that you can really make any grey and white kitchen your own with different hardware, accents, and of course varying shades of grey.

We just love the grey and gold combo. So elegant!

Grey paint, of course, is not just for kitchens. A light grey color is perfect to take a backseat to the other colors in a room while still having depth and interest you may not get with a white wall.

Grey is even a good choice when putting together a very feminine girls room like the one below. Pink and grey are a great combo!

And don’t the grey walls bring a serene look to these beautiful bedrooms?!

The dark grey curtains below help anchor the room and bring a rich and polished look to the living area.

So grey was an obvious addition to our silk tassel line. These pieces are available for fall and we are loving the rich tone in this grey silk.

And for a fancier look, grey pearls, grey crystals and even labradorite can layer together quite nicely.

So don’t be afraid to go grey! Its always a good look!


Susan Shaw Jewelry